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Organ Donor Outrage

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I doubt the law being discussed will last long if passed. I even wonder if this is just a hoax or misinformation disseminated.

Because it is just plain unconstitutional. Since when do claimed bodies become state property? Big word here is "claimed" by family members, etc... not talking about the bodies that are due to end up in the morgue unclaimed by friends or families (bums on cycles?)

I say let it pass, so the New Mexico legislature can get b*tch-slapped by the judicial system for coming up with and passing such a blatantly discriminatory law.

and hopefully, this post doesn't get edited / censored by the nazis who moderate this board just because my viewpoint doesn't parallel theirs... nevermind disrespecting others or use of colorful language ... which i find interesting since i dropped 11 bucks to sign up...
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If a law like this was actually passed, it would only demonstrate the foolishness of politicians.
I have noticed that my most unpopular posts have sometimes temporarily dissappeared. The "bad" words are automatically filtered I think.
This has to be a hoax. This would last about 5 seconds before it was declared unconstitutional. Can they make car drivers who don't wear seat belts become organ donors? I don't think so...

My understanding is that New Mexico doesn't have a helmet law for those over 18. How can you legislate in a penalty for something that isn't illegal?

I am fairly sure that such a bill has about 0.000001% chance of actually being enacted. And, as you point out, if passed, it almost certainly would not pass judicial revue.

In reality, it seems more like a PR move by a politician who is promoting helmet laws, and/or who is rabidly anti-motorcycle.

As for site censorship, I believe that most is done by software, which has the subtlty of a sledgehammer.

eg, you can't use the word p!ss without replacing letters, in spite of the fact that it is commonly used in prime time network tv (not to mention it is used in the King James Version of the Holy Bible). Someone on another thread recently refered to the late, great director Alfred Hitch***** which was censored as well -- guess should have said "Hitchpenis"

Obviously, not a human doing that censoring.
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This proposed law is vile, atrocious, audacious.......outrageous.
thanks for your input,

and i agree, regarding the use of colorful language, a software script is in place to prevent such utterances... that is appropriate.

but i find it intriguing that entire posts of PAYING members are sectioned out from the thread, unknown to the viewing audience. What is disturbing is that these posts quite often don't have colorful language, just criticism of those who write the articles around here.

but hey, i acknowledge this isn't exactly The Economist, where criticism of authors is actively encouraged and prominently displayed in the following week's edition.

i just am expecting a bit more introspection and professionalism than what is currently evident.
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It could be worse

Happily, they won't harvest until death. The next step will be a bounty for cars that cream bikes with helmetless riders.
Just another shining example of our Gov looking out for our "best interests". By the way, no post is removed from any thread. It can be rated to be 0 or -1 on the rankings and you just won't see it on the default setting. Go up to the ranking drop down box located just under the story, and pick -1 to see all the posts. It's generally where me and KPaul hang out the most. Personally I like people that ruffle the feathers a bit.
Re: It could be worse

>>Happily, they won't harvest until death<<

Reminds me of the Monty Python routine where the family signed up as organ doners without realizing that they didn't have to die first to be called on to give up the organs. Can't remember for sure which movie -- Meaning of Life, or Life of Brian, perhaps?
ahhhh... thanks.

my apologies then. i take back my nazi comment then.
It's certainly an example of an elected idiot. Only if the law passes is the above comment apt.

As for the rest of your post, I couldn't agree more. Without you and KPC and rsheidler and (even) The Highwayman, MO wouldn't be MO. I wonder if MO realizes that? I think they do.
Don't give up, you're welcome here. Just set the screening tolerance at the top of the page and in your personal preferences to -1.

I keep my setting at -1 and find that really reasonable and interesting posts are sometimes downgraded for no apparent reason. I simply rate them myself enough times to get them back to where I think they should be.

With enough patience, you can get The Highwayman's rating up to [3][Intelligent].

If you want to, that is.
I thought you two liked to hang out at gay bars. Does this post deserve a -1?
No, it doesn't deserve a -1 because your post clearly speaks for itself in establishing your below-the-mean intelligence.

And regarding the gay post, I am comfortable enough with my heterosexuality to make those sort of comments.

How about you? Homophobia tends to develop as a reaction against one's own subconscious feelings towards the same sex. In other words, to make it more simple for you to understand,

maybe, you are a gay-basher because you secretly have the desire to put your toothpick in another man's #2.

insecurities sure are a b*tch.
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I have a GREAT idea! Let's get a bill passed that makes involuntary organ donors out of politicians who's proposed legislation leaves no doubt they are legally brain dead.
"Homophobia tends to develop as a reaction against one's own subconscious feelings towards the same sex."

I disagree. But at least I didn't moderate your post :)

I can't stand it when people are to lazy to post an intelligent reply rather than moderate someone's post like a coward. Especially when an entire thread is lost as a result. Oh well. The main reason I read posts is for the comedy and witty banter. I also learn things occasionally.
Here, here! If only we lived in a democracy instead of a republic we could pass such a bill. (sigh)
Re: Not a hoax

The motocycle related part is at the bottom.

Although New Mexico has the best auto-tint laws in the U.S. they clearly make up for it in other areas. Scary stuff! Maybe they're just trying to connect with their roots; given past human sacrifices and such.
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