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Own a Kawi? Take It To The Track On The Cheap.

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first ..hey wheres the article about *national ride like a squid to work day* gone ?

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That was going to be a good topic...
Hopefully they'll be taught not to wave at real bikers ...
Breaking News

After considering the demographic of the intended participants, the organizers have announced they will accept payment in food stamps.

Local welfare organizations and church groups have also announced that they will set up stands to assists the needy.
Re: Breaking News

You funny man. You not eat more, you scare my wife.
They didn't just repave the track, they completely redid it, from the ground up. There are almost no bumps, and the grip is amazing....well, all except for when some guy's oil filter popped off and he spread oil over about a 1/4 of the track.
Re: Breaking News

You should go and be in the free pace lap..bix
It's another cover-up. Ask obandoj. He knows where it went.
Wonder how they'd feel about a KLR on the course...
Can I paste some Kaw stickers on my KTM?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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