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Owners: $100 Focus Group In LA

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This site sucks. When are we going to get a review of a motorcycle?
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being the paranoid that i am, something doesn't feel right.

name, telephone number, make & model of your bike? who the f*ck is this guy?

"yeah hi, my name is john doe, my phone # is xxx-xxx-xxxx, and i have a '03 ducati 999r... it is so NICE"

and i hope john doe has an assault rifle at home .... oh wait, that's the republik of kalifornia...

im sure this guy could be legit, but all someone needs is the above information to get the rest of your info... like address, maybe even SSN...

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if this thread is legit, i don't mean to bash it, but im just looking out for the fellow MOrons here...

a REAL email would be appreciated... anyone can get a aol acct... and a real MOron sign on name... not "anonymous."

In addition, company information, address, etc.

This is the internet, the modern day wild-west... and unfortunately there are more than enough people who want take what isn't theirs from you.

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Yes, what is happening at MO? Has MO patched up their relationship with Honda? Is MO just becoming a bunch of tweakers? I have read, and stopped reading all sorts of useless MO babble and would like to read about some motorcycle reviews. What will MO do if they do not patch up their relationship with Honda because how can MO do any comparison tests without Honda. Is MO becoming MOtionless? This news is as useless as the idiots in the "American Ride documentary needs footage." Yeah, work for free while I get the money and you too can receive some useless credit that no one will ever read.
I too am holding a MOcus Group. Please send your credit card number to this off-shore email address; bring beer, lotsa beer and we'll all meet in the MO parking lot. Be sure to park between the lines!

You're poster's name is Olliver Moadel. According to his resume which is posted at:

he is a market research specialist at Field Management Associates. His home address is at:

2010 Malcolm Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA

Phone: 310-475-9530

Fax: 310-475-9530

if you want to see whether or not he has an assault rifle or ask him what this is about. :)
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