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PA Helmet Law Changing

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hey look, longride! a dead horse!!

*wham* *wham* *wham*
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Re: Tumbler

Hey Tumbler has made some excellent points. Don't degrade yourself by calling him names and the like. Even a Corn Husker is above that right :)

P.S. I ride 200 miles a week in heavy traffic. I would never ride with out my fullface helmet, boots, gloves and protective jacket. I feel guilty wearing thick jeans instead of my riding pants some days.
Re: Tumbler

Everything I've written IS the way this country works, for good or bad. You're the one going on about Bush, foreign policy, etc, on a motorcycle website. In case you missed it you're at your keyboard too, and you should really get away from your computer and out more, it can only help your people skills. Or is all of this just internet alter ego, easy to come off as a bada$$ online. You can make any persona you want. Kind of like the dentists and laywers who go out and buy a harley and only ride it from bar to bar, only cheaper. (Side Note: All of you dentist and laywers I got problem with you buying Harleys, just make sure you know how to ride it!)
I'm with you on the right to travel public roads without the licensing "required" by state governments. There are a number of excellent treatises proving the validity of your postulation. There is even more evidence supporting your income tax beliefs. My personal favorite is Larkin Rose's 861 argument which can be read at . Be sure to look at his hilarious run-ins with the IRS auditors. VWW
If your somebodys mother tapped a cycle at a red light,knocked them over and they suffered severe head injuries,who's fault would it be. Would it be your mom's fault because she tapped the cyclist or would it be the cyclist fault for not wearing a helmet Any fall where the head meets the pavement even at one MPH can spell brain damage to the rider,maybe riding without a helmet already indicates brain damage.Its a Darwinist point of view.
Re: OK folks this is getting old. Time for a review of KPauls helmet law

Only problem with this approach is that, neither law nor medical ethics will allow an emergency room to refuse treatment in the event of serious injury, so the ininsured, helmetless cyclist still gets care, but the hospital eats the cost, which just gets built into their rates, so their other patients pick up the tab, or, if it is a government hospital, the taxpayers pay. The hospital is not gonna forclose on the guys house or car to collect.
...and I'm also the greatest player in the history of football. That aside, the .1% of the time I have not worn a helmet has been off of public roads at speeds generally under 10 mph. Your welcome.
Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but if you are injured, have hospital bills etc, and your insurance pays for any of it, won't that end up costing me money in the long run? (Higher premiums etc) Don't get me wrong, if you don't want to wear a helmet, thats your bussiness, but why should I have to pay for someone else who wrecks without a helmet? I think that insurance should offer different rates for folks without helmets. I have heard that some do, but I'm sure that some of it still trickles back through to everyones bill.
Re: No taxes.

Dude, save the random anti-Bush attacks for a liberal political forum. They have no place here in this discussion.
Re: Tumbler

Ignore this guy. He has some bone to pick with Bush and is mad that no one is paying attention to it, so he attacked you instead to get a reaction. MO should create a special area of the site for random attacks on ideas/companies/product types that people don't like. We'll put KPaul and this guy in it to start.
Re: OK folks this is getting old. Time for a review of KPauls helmet law

Is this possible? Maybe the world has finally stopped spinning and the end is actually at hand. I actually agree with KPaul for once.
What about cops?

Cops wear 3/4 helmets here in CA.

I have a half helmet, 3/4 helmet, and a Schuberth flip up helmet.

Thank God I don't live in KP's world.
Re: Tumbler

Actually I've ridden both the Harley and my wife's yamahammer today. We've all got our internet alter egos. I speak my mind and it rankles you. I'm not a bad sss, it's just this whole helmet issue thing bites and gets me going. As for the grandpa thing. I apologize for being a jerk about it. Everybody has a story. Everybody knows people that have gotten killed doing everything imaginable. Why should everybody else have to pay for their mistakes. Lots of folks get killed dropping a hair dryer into a bath tub but we haven't legislated that yet. Unless of course the one person holding the hair dryer is still alive holding it. I don't agree with your standing for reduction in freedom. That's what it all boils down to.
Now that you mention it:

I disagree with seatbelt laws too. It however very much is a freedom issue.

I also think that the new "anti-terrorism" legislation will have no effect on terrorism. What we have done is reward the incompetent fools who failed to prevent 9-11 with billions of dollars in increased funding. If you reward incompetence you get even more incompetence. On top of that the govt always misuses its power against its own citizens.

And after a point, giving up freedom does not result in safety. The govt is absolutely the stupidest entity on Earth. Nothing good is going to come of this. Imagine Hilary Clinton with the power to name any group she doesn't like a terrorist group. (shudder).

After all, who will guard the guards?
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Re: Use your head

How would your useless, vegetative self cost this society? Because I end up paying for your life support through my taxes and insurance premiums, that's how!

Face it: People who ride without helmets impose their foolish notions of freedom on every other rider. I live in PA, and I don't care a whit for this ridiculous, unnecessary proposal. Put your brain bucket on and be glad you'll live to ride again.

And why don't you anti-helmet folks concentrate on bigger problems? Try looking at the growing trend of insurance companies that don't cover motorcyclists (or rock climbers, ATV riders or water skiiers) because it's a "high-risk" activity. That should make your blood boil, should you take time from your whining about helmet laws and see that your rights really are being trampled.
The public burden argument is pretty straightforward: You get injured because you weren't wearing a helmet and had a low speed getoff and racked your noggin on the curb. Now you drool on yourself for the rest of your days, and your insurance pays for your care. In order to recoup those costs, your insurance company passes on those substantial costs to the rest of the risk pool (we, the motorcycling public). The action of not wering a helmet does not exist in a vacuum, but has effects well beyond one's personal sphere. Your right to choose looking cool for the ladies is superceded by my right not to shell out half my income in insurance just so I can ride my bike.
A e from Australia :Re: PA Helmet Law Changing

Over in here in the land of OZ we have no choice (unless you live in the outback). Having written off 2 bikes and numerous crashes on the road & track I can not understand why someone would not wear a helmet. PS I have been riding for over 20years and those who think I must be a bad rider are mistaken - actaully I have a Keith Cody cert and a race licence and varuios other creds but I do ride hard and guess what - my R1 that was written off 2 months ago was from some effing idiot who decided to U-turn over double lines in front of me - if I had no safty gear I wouldnt be here ranting on this site, so to all you heroes (and I thought I was cool way back in 74 beofre the rukes were really enforced) who think its cool to ride with no lid - think about hitting the cement and ending up a vege for the rest of your life - oh yeah fun to ride now eh a wheel chair if you are lucky!
Re: Tumbler

Stop it longride. This guy cannot conceive of any society except a big government socialist one. Any further attempts to change his mind will only result in subjecting his co-workers to the smell of smoking brain cells.
Re: All fine and nice, IF...

Yeah! And the same goes for other risky behaviors!


Walking across the street.

Eating anything but tofu and palm leaves.

Taking a shower.

Getting out of bed.

Reading KPaul's posts.


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