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PA State Rep Wants Helmets Back.

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First post! This is tantamount to a troll. Everything's been said.
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Careful your evil past as a lobbyist is showing :)
No, they are using Willie S' mug wearing a goofy looking hat.

But for the most part, they are still using older currency with the Brunswick logo on it.

The old currency is ugly as sin. Thin paper, tears easily, and they are always greasy.

On the plus side you get free shoe rentals at you local bowling lanes.

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Hey I agree with (surprised).. I used to favor only allowing rifles and shotguns...Being from rural Colorado I was like Tom Selleck in the movie Quigley Down Under i.e. I didn't have much use for a pistol.. I have never been for registration/gun control of rifles and shotguns.. I use to think hand guns were good for killing people and should be outlawed. But one time an old girl friend of my was stalked (not by me rather her ex who was a cop)..that kind of changed my mind... Cause that guy got away with hitting her and harassing her. His cop brothers would look the other way. Finally her dad convinced her to get a gun some training and to register it.. After she let him know she had a gun he backed off from the physical harassment crap.

Guns don't kill people. Bullets do. The answer is obvious, isn't it?
I just wish

someone would click my link because it's so damn funny.
Re: I just wish

I did it was.
Re: I just wish

One, cut a hole in the box.

Two, but your junk in that box.

Three, make her open the box.
Re: I just wish

Why didn't you have this up before Christmas? It would have saved me so much money.
Good catch
Re: I just wish

Anyone notice the new banner ads for TLC, movies and viagra? (just kidding about viagra)
Guns don't kill people.

*I* kill people...........
Re: I just wish

Haven't seen the movie ads. But the TLC ad is all over the place.

If you recall when the site was bought I, The Great Marketing Profit, predicted more advertising placements.
Re: I just wish

Hell, why not?

I could probably use a few ads about Rogaine or Propecia, but I already got the "Viagra Patch"............
Re: I just wish

It's a good thing he Proselytized about more ads, or I'd never have known what was going-on.
Re: I just wish

Oh, GMP, it was a banner for the movie Crank that is released today on DVD.
Re: I just wish

Does the Viagra patch work with tubeless snakes?
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