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PA State Rep Wants Helmets Back.

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First post! This is tantamount to a troll. Everything's been said.
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Re: I just wish

No, just the Tube Type.
Can we all agree that the helmet debate also applies to mandatory seatbelt laws (for adults)?
It had been so thoroughly demonstrated in the USA that gun control results in more crime and dead innocents that one wonders at the thought processes of the gun grabbers in Calif, NY, NJ, etc. But then if you think about it it makes sense. Criminals are the people with the most vested interest in maintaining a population of defenseless citizens. And gungrabber politicians are amongst the most criminally corrupt of all politicians. They fear that Joe 6pack might do the right thing when they send their RDA thugs to steal his home in favor of their mob buddies.
Re: I just wish

SNL did something funny? Whodathunk?
Some of the King County schemes to control and seize property are ingenious. They are telling folks in rural King County they must allocate so much for undeveloped open space. If the don't they will seize their land.. My grandpa said there are three things you need to keep your land a deed, a fence and a gun. A good dog is a help to.
I gave you an "Intelligent" for that.
Re: I just wish

That g*dd*mn song has been in my head all night.

"It's my **** in-a-box..."
...same thing :)

Yeah, when I was typing it my mind completely locked up on the name and I couldn't remember between the two and I was too busy to do a quick check...

Re: I just wish

Have you seen its partner video "My box in a box"? I kid you not. Don't think it's SNL, but amusing none the less.
My therapist thanks you.
Sounds like military helmets and flak jackets should be issued to all drivers and riders in Philly... that'd cut down on both traffic and shooting injuries. ;-P
41 - 52 of 52 Posts
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