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Palomar Mountain's ''Ninja Menace''

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I say this speaking as the same type rider, all be it a much older version of the "Ninja Biker".

Ducati in my case.

What's the deal with the CHP? If there truly is a major danger to the public, why don't they

hang out there an keep busting people? The ticket revenue should pay for the effort?

The fact that the CHP doesn't seem to be taking this seriously makes me wonder if the problem

is being exaggerated just a bit?
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‘Apparently, the editor is of the opinion that we are a "Ninja Menace." ‘

Jeez, I wonder what could have given him that idea? I just cannot imagine that people can have the gall to take offense to somebody else’s reckless driving.

Have you actually read the article? How about the following excerpts

"I drive a 30 foot motor home … and have on two occasions had motorcycles pass me on both sides simultaneously."

"After my car was totaled up there in November of 2004 by motorcycles on the wrong side on a blind curve, I’m afraid to drive up there on the weekend."

"Those of us who live here learn to drive on the white line." It worries Rosiar that her teenage daughter will soon go for a driver’s license. "That makes me really nervous," she said.

Yep, the author is just biased.

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Humm? Let's see, bikes passing a motorhome.

Does it look anything like this?

As for this location, I've never been there. So I'll defer to you on weather this is being exaggerated or not. From my distant point of view, my paranoid old 95 year old granny sounds just as dramatic when she shares her version of reality with the world. Right or wrong, this colors my trust in this news source.
I dunno so much. I have seen more bad press on motorcycles lately than I have ever seen. Dismissing it as exaggerations will not do us any good.
Very true. If this is the straight story, then I agree with the author, the CHP needs to get off their butts and take care of business.
The majority of Palomar Mountain riders are on sportbikes because the restaraunt at the top is vegetarian and no self-respecting H-D rider would ever be caught eating a salad while wearing leather vest.

I can already see KP reading this article with a bottle of Jergen's at his side dreaming about being the notorious "Ninja Menace."
Can you see me eating veggies? That's for rabbits man! Gimme a good combo sangwich wit a brew!
So, now non-riders call all sportbikes "Ninjas"?

American Kawaski must be grinning from ear to ear. You can't buy name recognition like that.
Haven't we all seen plenty of internet videos that pretty much back up this story?

If riders are actually being asses on a regular basis they deserve heavier enforcement.. 99% of the riders I know would agree that two bikes passing a cage on two sides simultaneously qualifies as ******* behavior..
No kidding! But, this is a two sided gift. Yes it's press putting their name out for all to hear. But, it's bad press!

On the other hand, knowing how Americans think, this should cause Ninja's to out sell HD's?

Sort of like "Reefer Madness" being a favorite title at college parties. (or so I've been told....;-)
you link to the article now goes to someting about a guy named "Horn" testifying about illegal immigration. what's that got to do with the "NInja menace"? unless ninjas are now entering the country ilegally along with the mexicans.
Man, I don't know what's going on up there (because I've never been there) but I've seen members here mention that they won't go up there anymore, some due to increased law enforcement and some due to increased crowds and assholenss. I've seen it on other boards, too.

We've really got to police ourselves a little better, in any case.
Those pesky ninja immigrants!!
Hooray!!! My EX250 just got instant Steet Cred' :)
I was at Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge recently and a woman on a Harley called a bike I was looking at in the parking lot a crotch rocket. It was a new BMW 1200RT. You don't have to be a non-rider to be ignorant about motorcycles.
I think it was Pogo that said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

If we continue to ***** off the cagers, they will put us out of business. Do your fast riding early on Sunday morning with quiet mufflers and no one will be the wiser. Wheelie down a suburban street on a Saturday afternoon with race cans and every soccer mom in the neighborhood will write a letter to the editor.

It takes nerve to walk up to a squid or a RUB and tell him how he’s farkin’ it up for the rest of us, but we’ve got to do it. After the squid quits riding to raise his family and the RUB can no longer tolerate the helmet-head, lifetime riders are left holding the bag for their misbehavior.

They don’t care, so we have to.

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Answers to all your "Ninja" questions here.
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