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Palomar Mountain's ''Ninja Menace''

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I say this speaking as the same type rider, all be it a much older version of the "Ninja Biker".

Ducati in my case.

What's the deal with the CHP? If there truly is a major danger to the public, why don't they

hang out there an keep busting people? The ticket revenue should pay for the effort?

The fact that the CHP doesn't seem to be taking this seriously makes me wonder if the problem

is being exaggerated just a bit?
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I knew there was a reason that wasn't in the article.

Thanks Buzz.

ps. Jergen is owned by an evil big co. Maybe Tom's of Maine.
As a Kawasaki owner, I have to say (maybe biased) that "Ninja" is the most recognized name in motorcycles. You ride anything that doesn't look like a Harley, and it will be called by the masses a "Ninja".

Seruzawa is right.......Kawasaki is probably dreaming of all the bikes they will sell on name alone. Who wants a "GSX-R" when you can have a "Ninja"? I mean, that's advertising that takes DECADES to develop.

Ninja name is probably as recognized as "Ferrari" by now.

But it does go both ways.
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Which Iron Horse? The one in Steccoah, NC - or the one in Eureka Springs, AR?
"We,...... Raped the Horses!" (Yeah! RAahr! HeHEH!)

"Then we,..... Rode off on the Women!" (Si! Bueno! HeHEH!)

"Wait a minute ******! - El Guapo never rode off on no Woman............"
If people up there 'learn to drive on the white line' with their 30ft motor homes, aren't you ASKING to get passed on both sides at once? Just wondering..
Who's the guy on the red bike? Perfect sporting line.

Maybe Kawi can follow Oldsmobile's lead in the 80s and name every single car they made "Cutlass."

The white line is on the side bub. (how long have you been driving?) Unless the average ricer wants to take his gixxer off road I don't think anybody is asking to be passed on both sides. Rather stick to passing on the left.

Ps. Wondering and liquor don't mix well ...

I and my V4 collection and my long gray pony tail moved a few years ago, so I can't speak to the present situation; but as one who lived for 20 years in neighboring Julian and has ridden at least 50K miles on Palomar and the connecting highways, I can tell you that media stories similar to this one and the same animosity from the locals has existed on Palomar since at least 1980... and justifiably so, though it is one (two actually) of the most fun roads to ride on a sportbike anywhere.

It's tough for LEO's because there's only a couple of places wide enough for them to set up operations, and the two roads that meet at the top of the mountain have no side roads... so the LEO's are only there for a few minutes before warning signals are passed up and down the mountain and the LEO's are SOL.

Incidentally, legend has it that the appellation Squid was invented on Palomar because of all the San Diego Navy guys who would get no-money-down loans on GPZ's or FJ's or RZ's and go kill themselves on Palomar... the Marines made it off limits at one point.

Some legendary SD riders used to be there most weekends. Don Vesco and Earl Roloff and Dave and Don Emde used to ride the mountain regularly, including a traditional Sunday afternoon contest coasting down the mountain... but there was always a boat load of irresponsible reckless out-of-control squids there, too.

Palomar is a microcosm of the best and worst of the sportbike riding world, and of it's inherent dilemma: There's NO justification for endangering anyone other than yourself, yet for those of us with the Need, it's just no fun unless you're getting the heart rate up a little, even at an age where the pony tail has turned gray... and a few track days a year just don't adequately feed the Need.

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Sounds like a great place for Super Bikes! to film an episode. It would be perfect for their type of juvenile programming.
The world needs more Ninja Menaces, if not only to keep real estate agents and neighborhood associations in check.
"Ninja" became synonymous with "sportbike" the day Kawasaki started using the term.

The plebs can grok Ninja much easier than the alphabet soup that the rest of the Big 4 uses.
Agreed. For better or worse, we become diplomats every time we ride. Unfortunately the "bad" has much more sticking power than the "good".

I gave my new-rider coworker serious grief when he told me how he "couldn't resist" riding the shoulders when traffic was bad. And when I see some squid riding a wheelie in traffic, the bird doth fly.

Grass roots, baby.
Unfortunately, some details ring true, and it is true that a very irresponsible minority has the chance to ruin it for all. I ride Angeles Crest virtually every weekend, and I am not a slowpoke, although I try to be a little sane. On one occasion a couple of very fast bikes came up behind me. I see them, there is a curve ahead, so I get to the right and make a "go ahead and pass gesture": One guy passes me to my left and the other squeezes between me and the side of the hill on my right! Yes, while I am moving to my right and going about 65mph in a curve! He missed me by about two inches, and it would have been a totally stoopid accident. On the other hand, I pass people in cars all the time: they might feel I am doing something unsafe, but let's face it, I can do it safely in spots where it would be unsafe for another car to pass, so there is also the fact that cagers overestimate the danger we pose at times.
I tried the "" link, it went to the Pesky Ninja Immigrant story.
Pesky ninja immigrants!!

LOL!! That should make an excellent SNL skit!
Dey tuk our jobs!!!
gee, do you really think so (blush)... it is I JB, with the artist formerly known as Minimeat and Clavin.
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