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Panoptx Cyclone Sunglasses

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Dude, EBass, wipe that orangish smudge off of your chin and upper lip!

I like my PanOptX's too. I would recommend them to anyone.
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People actually wear these things? My God!

Get a helmet, dude.
i bought a pair a few years back when i was wearing contacts (before i got lasik). i bought em to wear under my full face helmet to help against the drying of my lens even under a full face helmet.

they helped. A LOT.

but that aside, they're an excellent buy i would recommend to anyone. i still use 'em. yes they're $$$$, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for
I just got a set of these last month. They work. And for the dude that says "get a helmet", I wear em with the helmet.......dude.
At least its a review

You may have risked sounding like a corporate lackey, but at least we know that you've touched the product!

IMHO, it doesn't read that bad. Hell, I just might recommend them to some of my half-lid Harley friends.
I wear a pair of $330 prescription Oakleys under my helmet. I'll wait a few years and see the long term effects of lasik before I go spec-less
You LASIK guys may want to consider using good wrap-arounds.

I believe that procedure is the one where they cut the cornea and lift it away to sculpt the lens. If so, I've been told by several eye surgeons that the flap never really heals, and is very susceptable to tearing, if the eye is hit by something or is subjected to a blast of air or water, especially from the side.

Hope this helps.
I have a pair of these and while they are good, the design incorporates a double lens structure which can allow water to get in between the two lenses. This causes water spots which cannot be cleaned off without disassembling the glasses! BTW, you can find these at most major rallys on sale for between $100-$120.
Re: At least its a review


MO Staff, don't confuse a recommendation for a good product with cutting and pasting from a press release. Eric tried the glasses, liked 'em and told us so. That's really all we're asking for...

They didn't work for me.

My Italian schnoz caused them to fit poorly and too much breeze rattled around my eyeballs.

New eyeballs I might add after LASIK surgery yesterday. woo hoo!
These look sweet. Thanks for the review. How good, I wonder, is the warranty.

I just sent in a set of Smiths for warranty replacement that I spent major $$$ on just last year (temple snapped under my helmet) and they refused to honor their lifetime warranty because that particular model had been discontinued. I don't mind coughing up the dough for quality but I will make darned sure that I deal with companies that honor their warranty in the future.

I just had LASIK yesterday. I'm 39 so I figure the long term effects will be death.
Long term? Like 30 years? Because the technique of cutting and reshaping the eye has been around that long. The big deal now is that the equipment is getting more automated and it can be done faster with less prep time.

It is/was common practice in the Detroit area to drive over to Windsor, ON where the medical field is about 1-step ahead of the US in adopting new techniques. My personal hesitation has been the cost/benefit equation. For that kind of dough I can buy lots of motorcycle/photography/computer gear that provides more joy than not spending 30 seconds fiddling with contacts on a daily basis.
I got lasik in Feb of 98 and I still see 20/20, and before I went under the, ummm, beam, my vision was pure crap.

Best money I've ever spent!!!

-The People
Much better EBass. No complaints from me this time.

Take care,

Hahahahah...what silly looking glasses. Sure, they may work, but even with his big head they look like bug eyes....$160 to look silly?? I can do that for FREE!! LOL...
I had Lasik about 3 years ago. Since then, I was involved in a freak accident in the woods where a some small branches were forced into my open eyes. I expressed concerns about this to my psysichian who told me there was no apparent weakening of MY corneal flaps, anyway. The branches swept directly across my corneas.
I think you are right about it being "flap surgery". I looked into it, but my cornea (I think) was too thin. The doctor said a better procedure was in the wings. An unavoidable problem is my age. I will have to wear reading glasses. If I have to wear reading glasses, I might as well stick to the bifocals I am used to.
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