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Paris-Dakar Results

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There's a dude I like in particular among...

this crazy bunch. You can find him on but unfortunately there's no english version of the site. So allow me a short summary:


First motorcross race for National Championship.


His first Granada-Dakar. Finished and received the Fair Play award.


Dakar-Adagez-Dakar: finished second in the production class.


Paris-Granada-Dakar: didn't finish due to dislocated shoulder.

U.A.E. desert challenge: Winner of the production class.


Granada-Dacar: ranked 44th after a zillion technical problems (a small miracle he finished at all).


Paris-Dakar-Cairo: didn't finish.

Baja Italy: finished 10th overall.

Optic 2000 (Tunisia): 11th overall and 2nd in prototype class.

U.A.E. desert challenge: finished 26th overall.

The 2001 Paris-Dakar race is the first race that he actually has some support crew!
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Come on over and we shall see who stinks !
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