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OMG! A few hours late!

Does it really matter if MO didn't break this story? Sure other sites may be free, but are they as good? Since I don't really care about AMA racing I can't compare, but I know this site does a better job of reporting the WSB results than the official (and extremely crappy) website.

I'd pay $12/year just to read hackfu's opinions (mainly because I think he's dead on 95% of the time) and the occasionaly Burns rant is worth every part of sacrificing a single game of DOA2 once a month. If WSB could do some decent and timely reporting of their own events (why does it take so much effort to find out the current roster of WSB riders, crews, and bikes?) I'd even throw them a few bucks a year. Hopefully, MO will do this first so I'll have even more reason to renew.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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