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Paughco Bike 48yr. Payment Plan.

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I hope she was worht it!!!!!
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Lock 'em both up and throw away the key, auction the bike and give the money to the rape victim.

Probably should arrest the rest of the Park family as well, their gene pool clearly needs some chlorine.
Put the mother and son on the Paughco and make them ride the Iron Butt. Mid way through offer them both a lethal injection. I'm betting they they take the easy way out.
Maybe he'll go to a joint where they build "outlaw choppers"?

Let the circle be unbroken...
Good thing he didn't try to trade a 600 Super sport because he probably couldn't have gotten someone to pee on her roses for that.

Price/performance ratio my a$$!
Yer startin' again, ain't ya???
You'd better fly out there and slap him upside the head. He's even started responding to sbb again.
So many sick sick people out there. Unfortunately for this stinking scumbag he wasn't a US Rep form South Dakota.
Yes, we all like big ugly paperweights with good market value.
How embarassing, now everyone knows he bought a Paughco.
Truly a more ignominious slight to ones reputation than a rape/murder conviction
If only he'd bought a cheaper bike than the Paughco,he could still have afforded those visits to the hookers and not had to get sex for free.
Is he going to be making those "Outlaw" bikes?
Sounds like the family will be PARKING their asses in the CAN for a while.
Next thing you know, he's going to be the keynote speaker at the "Save Tookie Williams" rally.
I'd say that's better than a small ugly paperweight that isn't worth anything.
A Loveland man faces 48 years in prison for offering to trade a custom motorcycle for the murder of a woman who accused him of rape.

These bikes must be to die for!
Looks like Bubba gonna get him a brand new man bride!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, ugly goes all the way to the bone
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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