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Performance Bikes editor killed

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Sad news, but I'm surprised that with all of the survalance cameras the the Brits have on their roads they record some part of this incident. VWW
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Make that didn't record. VWW
That's too bad, Performance Bikes is a good magazine. I don't know if they have GATSO cameras on the motorways there or just out in the twisties. Hopefully they can pick out what happened and file charges if appropriate, none of which will bring Jamie Bartle.
Notice how the police are asking for anyone who witnessed the collision or saw the bike riding beforehand. Perhaps he was riding at an elevated speed at the time of the accident or maybe he wasn't, just because some slack-jawed cager saw him go past 5 minutes before doesn't mean *****. The cops are of course looking to blame the guy on the bike any way possible, instead of looking at the facts of what happened. What was going on beforehand (not immediately) means nothing.
Very sad news indeed. I suppose it does serve as a reminder of how dangerous motor vehicles are (regardless of their wheel count, or the operator skill levels involved). As Neal Peart once said: "We're only immortal for a limited time".

Too bad the general public will -- as usual -- only grasp the fact that someone was killed "on one of those things" again -- never mind that a cager was involved too....
Wow, Ronnie Smith last year and now Jamie. Even though he wasn't there all that long, I took a liking to Jamie's writing. I will miss him. My condolences to his family and friends.
Yeah there is a big conspiracy to make bikers look bad because guys on sportbikes never speed or do anything dangerous

I made no mention of a conspiracy of any kind. There is an automatic assumption that the police are actively trying to make based on how the motorcyclist was riding at any point prior to the incident. Like what he was doing 10 miles earlier, not what was going on at the time of the collision.

When a swine/sheep/cattle in human form such as yourself fails to question what those in authority tell them, then there is no reason for government officials (i.e. police) to do a proper investigation. In fact, your dismissal of me as an "idiot" says it all about your lack of thought or concern about the world around you.

man, this is depressing. I hear about these kind of incidents too often, and usually the non-moto types don't care which makes it worse.

oh btw MO, I think it is poor taste to put a H-D link right at the beginning of a story about someones death where it really doesn't belong. Although it's only 11.94 to subscribe, you can kiss it the f**k goodbye to to repeated poor taste on such matters.
Maybe the car driver made assertions about the bike leading up to the incident e.g. road rage or erratic/dangerous rider, perhaps in order to get out of trouble. If the cops get statements from others who dispute this, it might actually clear the rider.

The more info they have, the more likely they are to reach the truth.

Do you see how your judgement of the police motives actually makes it look like you are doing to them just what you accuse them of?

Bloody tradgedy. Another friend/colleague/aquaintance/brother/father/son/husband etc gone.
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The only thing that is evident to me is that the police are looking for information, any information that might shed light on what happened. To infer that, by the questions they are asking, they may have a bias is going a little overboard. Clearly they have the statement of the person driving the car. Since Bartel is no longer alive to tell his story it would be nice if the cops could hear from an independent witness. If someone stepped up and said "you know, I did not see the accident but I did see the deceased riding four blocks before the accident and he was riding normally, obeying the speed limit, stopping at lights, and so on", that is important information that might offer a different picture than the one given by the driver.
Wow, MO is really taking a lot of flack on these automatic links. You have to wonder if the income they produce is worth it. Sean has explained over and over again that they have no control over these links and when they show up, and yet they still seem to pisss people off. If you are losing subscribers over this maybe you have a public relations problem.
In my opinion the sponsored links aren't that big of a deal. The HD info doesn't apear unless you hover over the link, so its not like a popup that constantly annoys. Any news story online, even those truly awful ones about 911 or people getting beheaded in Iraq, has ads.

We all want to keep MO afloat don't we? Imagine the *****ing that would ensue if they had to raise the subscription rate. Its been at 11.94 for the past 3-4 years. I'd don't know of too many periodicals whose price hasn't changed over the same period of time.

Cheers, Tom
I thought that it was impossible to ride an Aprilia Mille RSV at less than 40mph over the speed limit.
Tom, I with ya. I'm pretty sure our $11.94 doesn't cover all of the operating costs of MO. For MO to be viable, they have to have sponsored links and ads. And as Sean as pointed out, you can't be selective and remove them from particular stories without creating havoc.

Maybe there's a better way, but this is not such a big deal. It doesn't change the content of the story one bit.

Let's try to look past it.

Motorcyclist Mag lost Greg McQuide and another - wasn't it Jason Black? How quickly we forget.

Years ago in the late, lamented and never replaced CYCLE Mag, in the place of Nielson's (or maybe Schilling's) column, there was a lengthly commentary on the fatal crash by a friend of the staff - complete with a typically well written reminder of the fragility of life, need for circumspection, etc.

BMW ON magazine has a monthly obituary column. You'd be suprised how many are bike crashes...or maybe you would not.

Bottom line: this stuff really, really happens. It happens to the skilled pilots and the unskilled. It happens to magazine editors and weekend fair weather riders. It may well happen to you or me.

And it is bad business. Families are hurt. Business lose key employees. Friends lose friends.

I've been in the safety and risk mgmt business for a long (too long) a time. I've seen the waste & loss of life up close and personal.

Wear your protective gear, keep your training up to date. Attend an MSF course. Read and practice David Hough's advice.

Ride well and enjoy what time you have. And never, never, never NEVER fall into the trap of being afraid of life - and death. It is coming for you. You folks out there with a bit of grey (and those who have had a brush with the reaper) know of what I speak.
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Personally, I was always a Getty Lee fan, until I found about Neal Pert's long term love afair with motorcycles and adventure. Now as I go back to the lyrics for Red Barchetta, I realize that it was probably Pert and not Lee that can take credit for the lyrics to a song that still dances in my head when I ride/drive fast. -Sean
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