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Motorcyclist Mag lost Greg McQuide and another - wasn't it Jason Black? How quickly we forget.

Years ago in the late, lamented and never replaced CYCLE Mag, in the place of Nielson's (or maybe Schilling's) column, there was a lengthly commentary on the fatal crash by a friend of the staff - complete with a typically well written reminder of the fragility of life, need for circumspection, etc.

BMW ON magazine has a monthly obituary column. You'd be suprised how many are bike crashes...or maybe you would not.

Bottom line: this stuff really, really happens. It happens to the skilled pilots and the unskilled. It happens to magazine editors and weekend fair weather riders. It may well happen to you or me.

And it is bad business. Families are hurt. Business lose key employees. Friends lose friends.

I've been in the safety and risk mgmt business for a long (too long) a time. I've seen the waste & loss of life up close and personal.

Wear your protective gear, keep your training up to date. Attend an MSF course. Read and practice David Hough's advice.

Ride well and enjoy what time you have. And never, never, never NEVER fall into the trap of being afraid of life - and death. It is coming for you. You folks out there with a bit of grey (and those who have had a brush with the reaper) know of what I speak.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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