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Performance Bikes editor killed

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Sad news, but I'm surprised that with all of the survalance cameras the the Brits have on their roads they record some part of this incident. VWW
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Le Mans

This reminds me of my 100% all time favorite movie line....

Steve McQueen: "Racing is a professional blood sport. Like it or not, it can happen to you.... then it can happen to you again."

I'm sure that here, it would be written as "Editor died while commuting to work on motorcycle".

It's inevitable that you will eventually die riding a motorcycle.

The driver of the car "was killed" while commuting to work.

Sad really, through no fault of his own, that he was killed.
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Police don't alway's get it right that is true, but your assumption that they hate motorcyclist is bread out of ignorance. I would say that 40% of the officers at my police dept. ride motorcycles. Virtually every brand and model is represented. There have been three cops on my department killed in motorcycle accidents this year. There are 1700 police officers on this force. I think that if anything there would be a bias for Motorcyclist.
We read a lot crapp in here, and occasionally there is some good stuff too. Thanks for some good stuff!
Re: Le Mans

Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove...

"We'll have no fightning in the War-Room."
Neal pretty much has penned all the lyrics for Rush's tunes.
Being a big Rush fan, and as Neil Peart is my favroite drummer, I would recommend both of his books. "The Masked Rider" and "Ghost Rider" are excellent reads, and give quite an insight to the man. Check em out.
Re: Le Mans

Peter Sellers as President Morton Muffer. VWW
I realize this is way off-topic, but since you guys started it...

Personally, far as drummer go, I'm a big fan of Steve Gadd. If you saw Paul Simon's movie "One Trick Pony" he's the drummer.

If you like good lyrics, check out the Scotish band, Del Amitri. Not a good idea for wanna-be songwriters, though. Listening to these guys will maky ya wanna break your guitar and take up Needle Point.

"Hat Full of Rain" is thier Greatest Hits, and well worth the price of admission. Buy it, put it in your CD player and leave it there for a while.

If ya don't like 'em (AND, THIS GOES ONLY FOR LONGRIDE) you can send me the receipt and the CD, and I'll reimburse you. Honestly, I think they're that good.

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yea, having the word motorcycle in a differant color doesn't really seem like that big of a deal, but I don't read with my little mousy arrow I do it like a big boy with my eyes.
As a former drummer, I have to agree that Steve Gadd is awesome. Interesting note on Peart, I've always heard that he was never formerly trained and, at one time at least, couldn't even read music. Of course, that may be a myth. But he's still a pretty amazing guy.
Mostly, only musicians know about guys like Gadd, Bruford, Larry Carlton, Tony Levin and the like. Never been a drummer but I know that Gadd is SCARY Good; nobody plays around the Beat like him.

I have no idea what planet Bruford came from, but, I know one thing for sure. Nobody ever said that any song Bruford played on was easy to dance to.
I absolutely agree. Having experiences with my local police department while in my car and on my bike, I can confidently say that the ego-tripping revenue-collecting agents hate every lowly citizen equally no matter what they drive.

Just recently I was in my car, not on my bike, when an agent pulled me over for no driving infraction whatsoever, just pulling onto the road right next to him, and he then proceeded to hang "$230 in tickets" over my head unless I showed him the proper "attitude".
Re: Le Mans

Dr Strangelove should be played every Election Day, like It's a Wonderful Life is at Christmas.

I only wish there was a movie that could tell how fragile life is, without causing fear.

Having given myself up for dead a couple times, I was surprised by a couple things.

1: When I was certain that I was going to die, I was more curious than scared.

2: When I walked away, I appreciated life more, but feared death less.

Oh, yeah! Almost forgot...3: Your Girlfriend really gets Pi$$ed when she sees your accident on the Eleven 0'clock news and you haven't thought to call her, to tell her you're alright (go figure).
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