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Personal Tips and Techniques

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First Post. Good tips!
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You need to ask Fenton that

he seems to think the writer is a motorcycling guru.
Yeah, you're right, I just don't "get it"

10 years of riding is equal to what 30 years of posing?

Carry on Wild One.
"seems" your wrong

Some of us don't think we know everything. Do I have more experience at the bars than this guy? Yes. Can I learn something from someone else with less experience? Yes.

Am I experience enough to decide on my own which techniques make sense and which to discard? Yes

I'm sorry you are done learning how to ride a motorcycle properly Wild One.
What happened to his Bandit?
Obviously has spent more time thinking about riding then actually riding. If this person spent some time riding they would understand that (A. You should have the ability to brake and shift down at the same time so that you can move the bike after stopped so the person coming up behind you doesn't run into you. (B. The reason you get your CG lower in order to keep the bike more upright is to increase your contact patch and ground clearance. (C. Bikes are not weighted with a 60% bias to the rear. There's a reason that racers are right over the fuel tank and that every year manufacturers increase the lean angle of the cylinders towards the front of the bike.

He's got some good information but he's got some bad information too and it could confuse someone who's new to riding. This is a classic case of someone wanting to share knowledge who doesn't have all the qualifications. Got to a real riding school. Keith Code, Kevin Schwantz etc...
"Concentrate on the front brake since under HARD braking the front does all the stopping (the rear tire should be skipping in the air doing virtually nothing -- watch the racers on Speedvision.)" you read the article .

..'fo I go to your phuckin' rock pull ya outta dere by the tail and biatch slap you like yo mama sholda done ..

you moto sickle riding pompous jackass mutha fukka ..the rod up your ass has a rod up its ass....

i am surprised you can see past your nose to even ride a bike

damn what happened to you man?

how did you turn out like this ?

is it too late to turn back?

what age are you man ? 80

ahh thats better on ***** :D

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No Insults Please!

Hey there! Don't make fun of Bandits! My 600 Bandit gets around the track just fine (eventually).

FWIW, back brakes come in pretty handy. A touch here and there in the tight stuff (fast or slow) stabilizes things nicely, especially when doing tight u-turns. On fuel injected bikes with abrupt throttle on/off using the rear brake a bit while you roll the throttle on helps to smooth or eliminate the jerk.

And of course on bikes with linked brakes such as my '01 VFR using the rear brakes is the only way to get 100% braking power from the front. The viffers have a proportioning valve that actually releases brake pressure on the rear brake as you brake harder, to prevent rear wheel lockup during hard braking. You have to use both brakes on such bikes.
Bigd, bigd, we know you know more about high speed cornering, wheelies, stoppies, and drag racing than this guy, clearly your experience with H-D cruisers makes you an expert. Please continue to enlighten us. And, if for some godforsaken reason you are somehow forced to ride a sportbike, I suggest you rely heavily on the rear brake.

You know, Hayden has only been riding sportbikes for 10 years or so. I think you should send him some information on how to ride a sportbike as well.
Layin her down only applies on dates. Other than that we need to stay upright. Get Montezuma's revenge yet?
No. I've traveled enough down here to know what to do. Plus in this day and age bottled water is everywhere.

Another bit of advice is to not eat salads because of the water used in washing the lettuce. I'm staying in a pretty nice place though so that's not a concern.

You will notice all the Mexicans drink their sodas with no ice though. I just stick to beer and wine and it's not a problem!

I met a gorgeous girl from Argentina and we're having dinner tonight. I'll have a full report on your desk in the morning!
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Not sure if your infantile response is supposed to impress me ... ?
I believe the clown considers that a drag bike ... best you ask him yourself.
pot calling kettle black

"Sure, but this clown doesn’t ride sportbikes. His one bike especially (a goldwing) relies very much on rear brakes to come to full stop. Again, you should actually read the article"

Maybe you should actually read the article, too. In the VERY NEXT SENTENCE the author also mentions his OTHER bike - a Bandit 1200.

"bars than this guy? Yes.""I'm sorry you are done learning how to ride a motorcycle properly Wild One."

Your concern is touching but misplaced. I assure you when once you know how to ride properly motorcycling it becomes very enjoyable. Keep on trying, I am sure you’ll get there after a few more years.

Ps. I like the "Wild One" moniker. Can you change the spelling to "Wild ’un"? It has a more rugged look and feel to it.
"Yeah, you're right, I just don't "get it""

I realize that Fenton, but hang in there. I am confident you will someday.

Kind Regards

Wild 'un

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I gave advice on stoppies and wheelies? Funny, I see no post like that.

Mmm, I think your vision has been affected by the deep gash on your forehead you got off Fenton’s belt buckle …

Re: No Insults Please!

Agreed. The so called sportbikers on the forum that do not use back brake are merely displaying their ignorance ...

I used a thumb brake on my SRAD and on one of my 1100's. For more sedate riding the right foot is adequate.
A Bandit is a sportbike?

LOL, ok whatever.

Ps. before you unravel like Fenton's cheap shorts, I owned a bandit 1200 and 5 gsxr1100's. Thinking the Bandit is anything like a GSXR is delusional.
Re: No Insults Please!

"I used a thumb brake on my SRAD and on one of my 1100's"

Aaahhaa, a "Power Ranger" in drag. Now I "get it"

"Ps. I like the "Wild One" moniker. Can you change the spelling to "Wild ’un"? It has a more rugged look and feel to it."

At least we agree the "rugged look" is what you are after.
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