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Philip Island Saturday Qualifying and Superpole

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Edwards double win I'm calling it now.
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just waiting for haga to get in full swing.....i say haga for this year, he will pick up where he left off before drowning in GP (hopefully minus the pills.)
as much as i would like edwards to win, it's going to be bayliss. the combination of the ducati and him is just too strong. of course haga could always surprise me. at least he's on a bike with the power to run up front now.
Minime I hack on you guys when you don't break the updates first so I guess I'll give you props on this one. Good job I guess you shut me up this week.
Bayliss screwed his superpole lap so badly. If honda corner wasn't bad enough, he nearly ran off the track at the start of the last long left. I'm surprised he still went as quick as he did. It will be close tomorrow, but I think Bayliss will have to choke not to win.
Thanks. Like I said, we keep trying to improve. I think this was a goood news week, especially with the Doug Chandler interview Larry Lawrence got for us.

With Burns coming on, getting him up to speed, plus a new accountant, some internal reorganization, it's taking a bit longer than I hoped, but it is getting sorted out. Thanks to everybody for their patience and support.

bayliss, from hodgson, then either bostrom, edwards or haga #3... was live but mo is getting better.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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