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Phillip Island via Ducati

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All these quotes/PR releases from the factory teams are interesting, but how about the actual list of qualifying times.

Never mind I found them elsewhere (won't say who scooped you), here they are for all to enjoy (top ten only)

Results from the first World Superbike Qualifying session at Phillip Island

1 Troy Bayliss, Australia (Ducati) 1:33.577

2 Troy Corser, Australia (Aprilia) 1:33.773

3 Regis Laconi, France (Aprilia) 1:33.867

4 Pier-Francesco Chili, Italy (Suzuki) 1:34.003

5 Colin Edwards, USA ( Honda) 1:34.186

6 Ben Bostrom, USA (Ducati) 1:34.340

7 Tady Okada, Japan (Castrol Honda) 1:34.456

8 Gregorio Lavilla, Spain (Kawasaki) 1:34.613

9 Ruben Xaus, Spain (Ducati) 1:34.643

10 Akira Yanagawa, Japan (Kawasaki) 1:34.716

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Um, we posted the same info in the top (Aprilia) post, too :)
It's not the only time, littleme, minime, what ever your name is. Is there this time, but what about all the other times.
Didn't see it there, because I didn't read it. I assumed all of these were just the canned press releases and didn't have that info. A separate news item would be better for these. I've grown tired of reading the press releases, they're often little but "we're going to win, here's what our riders said."
You guys are weak, deleting my post because I showed your shortcomings. Is it right to hide the fact that you guys aren't consistant in showing the qualifying times? No, I said something, you crumbled and moderated my post. Never get a dime from me if I can't give any constructive critiscm. It won't matter to me if you erase this post. You guys are like BIG BROTHER in 1984, or Saddam Hussein, or the American Federal Government. Take your pick. Don't want anyone to share their thoughts if it's not what you like?
if you were talking about the infintile name-calling, it wasnt deleted. If it was another post then, please, dont post it again.
Yeah, a lot of the manufacturer releases are that way. Still, a number of people like to see what their favorite teams/riders are saying.

Do you like them seperated like this or lumped together as one preview/news post and seperated within?
Your post was not deleted. A user moderated your post down. And no, your post was far from construcive. I wish you just would've said, "You suck, bite me" because then it would save on bandwith. Oh well, do with yourself as you please. By the way, this time, I will be the one moderating your post level down.
Lumped together would be cool, but lengthy. If they are short, lump them togther.

either way, no big deal. whatever is easiest from your end.
Well said, Hack.

Idiotic posts don't do anybody any good. Creative and humorous badgering is another story.
They don't have the resources or time to get the source and story straight but they got time to delete post for no reason.
What a dork.

Why do we put up with this crap? I fail to see why we've propogated the false belief that jerks have any right to use an MO services whatsoever. This is a magazine, not a forum. Think of it like a bar: Bounce the few bad apples and you'll never have fights. Leave the jerks and the good people go away (which seems to be what's happening now).

HackFu, other moderators, moderate his posts down to -1, not 0, when there's several recent -1 scores, the dork can't post at all, and it's effective immediately.

Failing that, call his mother.
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