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Phillip Island via Honda

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Neat-o first post. Anyhow, these guys need to worry less about a fast lap and more about the bikes holding up for the entire race day.
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Mr. Edwards is gonna win, second place going to Corser. A Ducati will break down and dnf.
I don`t think that Edwards will be able to catch Corser or Bayliss on their home track,(sad, I`m a Honda supporter)personally I think the Aprilla is the better bike this year and it would be good to see them take the championship in only their third year.When will the Benellis be into it & isinit good to see such a wide spread of manufacturers compeating?That alone brings the intrest leval up for me..but just wait for next years G.P eh.The one sad thing for me is no Slight this year as being a Kiwi I find it a bit hard to cheer the Aussies on..Bostrum could be the surprise at the end tho..If he keeps it together for the whole season..
"Hopefully tomorrow we can get in some solid laps and have some idea about tyres for the races."

Sorry, Texans don't say "tyres" like that, we say "tars."
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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