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Photos of Honda's 4-Stroke Motocrosser

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I think its great to have more competion in that class.Way to go HONDA!!!!!!!!
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Honda, when will you actually going come up with something original? Its pathethic really. competive 4-stroke: yamaha, KTM, then Honda, v-twin superbike: ducati, suzuki, aprilla, then honda. Do all you Honda fans operate in this way also?
Re: Photos of Honda''s 4-Stroke Motocrosser

In what way are you talking about. Hopefully you aren't talking about Harley Davidison. Because they haven't came up with an orginal thought since, I don't know, 1940 something?
Re: Photos of Honda''''s 4-Stroke Motocrosser

I don't have any comment to this story, I just want to see how many apostrophes end up in the word Honda's in the subject line of my post. Has anyone else noticed this?

Hey MO, is this a bug, or did someone do it on purpose?
Re: Photos of Honda''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s 4-Strok

Hey, if I preview the post, it puts even more apostrophes in !

It''''''''s freaking me out.

Whoa! ''''''''''''''''
Re: Photos of Honda

These four stokes are great( Ihave a 2000 yz426).

But,,,,, yes they are motorcross bikes,but I wish they would add some flywheel for people who don't want enduro models,and please...... shorten them up ! I get frequent nose bleeds on my 426,(i'm only 5'7")other than that the power is awesome and the Honda looks pretty trick.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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