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Piaggio Beverly Feedback

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Personally I wouldn't mind riding one of these around town for running errands and such, unfortunately there's only room for one motorcycle payment at a time in my wallet. I hope this scooter sells well, but I fear that it may not because we are all too "manly" for them, just as you say, which is a shame. Another problem might be the number of extremely large vehicles on the road. Some people are terrified of getting run over by something bigger than they are, so they will never even consider something this size, regardless of the benefits.

Seriously, I hope it sells well. Maybe then we can get some of those lovely 400 and 500 cc bikes that are sold everywhere else in the world instead of just 600 cc or bigger supersport bikes or the huge giving-birth-riding-position cruisers. Or maybe I'm just a sissy...

Remeber: It's always easier to do things the hard way. Chango
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Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

. . . traffic circles 50 feet wide with no lanes, rain slicked cobblestone streets, drivers who act like they are playing a video game and will magically return to life if they crash and die (uh, wait a minute, that's Los Angeles), and scooters. You like your damn scooters so much you can have 'em! Cause there are only four great certainties in this hell hole we call a world: birth, death, taxes, and no self-respecting American male is gonna be caught dead riding a scooter no matter how big the wheels are or how many cc's its got. Oh and by the way, tell your women to take a bath and shave their pits!
Re: Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

I guess I'll have to stop respecting myself.

I just hit 102mph on an Aprilia Atlantic scooter, downhill, in the draft of a speeding Caddy Escalade. It was probably 95% more fun than YOU had on YOUR commute home today. You know what, F that! I still respect myself and I'm going to hit Angeles crest on it Sunday and see how many suckers think they are fast, as they get passed around the outside, by an american male on a scooter.
Re: Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

Sean, I'd heard that you had the flu, but 102mph while tailgating a Cadillac, down hill, on a scooter no less? Please lay down take a couple of aspirin and wait for the delirium to pass before you hurt yourself! VWW
Mr. Schvetz wrote:

"Pornography is a matter of geography, or so they say. Turn on Italian TV at prime time and you'll be showered with a myriad of game shows whose Advertisement only purpose seems to be showing leggy go-go dancers strut their stuff in borderline X-rated fashion. Makes you wonder if there are any TV aerials in the Vatican."

No, but it does make me wonder if you get Fox or ABC in your area. The "Jerry Springer Show," "Elimidate: Bikini Week," and "Are you hot?" are hardly examples of good clean family viewing.

Though their tastes in 2-wheeled transportation may differ, North Americans are just as randy (perhapse perverse) as their European counterparts. Good luck getting either side to admit that though.

"You can't just be cruel like that. This is the United States of America. We don't do that here!"

Randy Jackson to Simon during an American Idol episode.


Perverted European enjoying all that Fox has to offer ;-)
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Re: Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

Well the Atlantic has a 500 cc 39 HP engine, it can hit 100 mph when the conditions are right. He wasn't dreaming...
Thanks for the tip! I certainly can't catch the stuff you mentioned here in Milan, but let me try to readjust the satellite dish.... oooohhhh! Oh my lord, that’s good!

It had been 25+ years since I'd ridden motorcycles but got the bug again last year. I got the Honda Silver Wing Scooter last year and have enjoyed it. Top speed about 110 mph and it out accelerates most cars. My wife and I ride two up at 80 mph effortlessly and comfortably. At 55-60 mph I get about 56 mpg. Yea, on occasion I do wish it had more power. I've seen some real wusses on powerful motorcycles so I guess HP isn't the measure of manliness. Have fun with what you drive and don't worry about your fragile manhood!!!
I believe when the scooters reach the 750cc mark they will be more accepted in the US. That seams to be about he point most people start looking for a real motorcycle, although the Yamaha Vstar 650 has done very well.
Can it wheelie? And how many would take this over a Harley. :)
I've always liked scooters and always wanted one that could be used for commuting, but when a bike like the ninja 250 can be had for 3,000 bucks why even bother with a scooter. I'll take the ninja 250

all the time. I can see a market for commuter scooters however.

Sean, please write about your Angeles Crest experience with the Aprilia Atlantic Scooter. Enquiring minds want to know! Talk about a q-ship....I wonder how many squids in the latest and greatest will shred their tires chasing a rider with the skill and the will to prevail. I'll wager you'll win in the tightest and twistiest sections.

And that damn Piaggo Beverly is a nice looking ride.
Re: Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

In my opinion, no *real* man, of any nationality, bases his self respect on what he rides.

And women, please feel free to let those pits grow!


Scooters on Angeles Crest

Hope the weather holds so you get your chance. I will be waiting for the full report. Maybe you can rig up a couple of on-bike cameras like they use for race footage. Be great to post shots of you passing startled squids!
Re: Yeeee-Haaaa!

Singles and Twins Forever!

A little analysis

Plugging the specs into my spreadsheet I get a much better predicted performance. My guess is that the centrifugal clutch kills the launch and the friction losses of the CVT kills the advantage of optimum gearing at all speeds. With optimum six speed gearing and a conventional clutch the Beverly should hit 14sec @ 90 mph in the 1/4 mile and about 4.5 sec 0-60mph. The fuel economy should be better too.

The spreadsheet shows a drag coefficient of about .45 compared to about .30 for a Ninja 250 that reaches the same speed with only 28 hp.
Some things best left to the smaller among us.

Can you tuck behind the windscreen of the Atlantic with your butt on the pillion? If so you should see 100 mph given room enough and time. If not, not (I bet).

Let Ashley do the speed runs, Sean.
Re: Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

I was right with you the first part..........but then you lost me
Re: Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

I've always liked scooters. I'd get a burgman 650 if I had $7,700 and a '03 SV650s was already in my driveway. You can even shift 'em!
Shaving habits (or lack thereof)

Armpits, my man. Not that Eurochicks shave, or wash, anything else either. That having been said, many of them, especially the Irish, Italians, and Scandinavians are drop dead gorgeous, and sexy as can be. In many ways superior to our Americanized brats. Just be sure to add a wash cloth, some soap, and a razor to the de rigeur jimmy hat on your pre-flight check list and you'll enjoy a much smoother ride (pardon the pun).

P.S.- scooters still suck!
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