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Piaggio Beverly Feedback

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Personally I wouldn't mind riding one of these around town for running errands and such, unfortunately there's only room for one motorcycle payment at a time in my wallet. I hope this scooter sells well, but I fear that it may not because we are all too "manly" for them, just as you say, which is a shame. Another problem might be the number of extremely large vehicles on the road. Some people are terrified of getting run over by something bigger than they are, so they will never even consider something this size, regardless of the benefits.

Seriously, I hope it sells well. Maybe then we can get some of those lovely 400 and 500 cc bikes that are sold everywhere else in the world instead of just 600 cc or bigger supersport bikes or the huge giving-birth-riding-position cruisers. Or maybe I'm just a sissy...

Remeber: It's always easier to do things the hard way. Chango
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Engine smoothness??

The test of the story extols the smoothness of the engine, and says it's a surprise that no counterbalance is used. The pictures show, among other things a 90 degree V Twin (OK, Ducati calls it an L twin). One of the reasons Ducati selected the layout, and that the Japanese copied it, is that an L twin has perfect primary and very good secondary balance. So could the number of cylinders have something to do with it?

Hey MO, why don't you tell your European staff writer to finish his story before he has so much Vino he can't count up to two? Or get the graphics people to quit airbrushing an extra cylinder into the engine, if that's what is going on. Or (almost impossible, I grant) have the site keepers quit studying the wheelie and girlie videos long enough to look at what you're posting.
How many words is a picture worth?

yeah, the text mentions a single, and there is passing reference to twins. But..

The only pictures of what purports to show the engine are computer graphics. Granted the computer shows it as a single.

The photographs show a V twin. And the photo is repeated in the "wallpaper" collection.

A caption under the photograph saying "mockup of a proposed super scooter version, 500-650 V twin" would have neatly avoided any flame fest like this one.

And a caption under the computer art saying "this looks more colorful than the real metal single in the scooter, so look at it" would finish the argument.

Can't really blame you for all that, Yossef, but it sure looks like someone was napping when the words and the pictures went together.
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1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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