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Piaggio Beverly Feedback

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Personally I wouldn't mind riding one of these around town for running errands and such, unfortunately there's only room for one motorcycle payment at a time in my wallet. I hope this scooter sells well, but I fear that it may not because we are all too "manly" for them, just as you say, which is a shame. Another problem might be the number of extremely large vehicles on the road. Some people are terrified of getting run over by something bigger than they are, so they will never even consider something this size, regardless of the benefits.

Seriously, I hope it sells well. Maybe then we can get some of those lovely 400 and 500 cc bikes that are sold everywhere else in the world instead of just 600 cc or bigger supersport bikes or the huge giving-birth-riding-position cruisers. Or maybe I'm just a sissy...

Remeber: It's always easier to do things the hard way. Chango
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Re: Some things best left to the Europeans . . .

I don't know what kind of Italian women you've known. I've spent the first 27 years of my life in Italy, and I would suggest you to try some for real...

Stereotypes are funny, they sure have some truth, but are also abused by media, movies, etc. It's up to us to find out where truth is. If we care...
In my very humble Italian opinion, the reason why scooters are so popular is very simple: our economy is too trashed to let most people drive decent cars: a scooter (at least one with a real scooter displacement and features) is 1) as "cheap" as (or cheaper than) a bike; 2) more suitable than a bike to go to work wearing a jacket and tie; 3) practical in the winter, when you can go out in the rain (as opposed as taking a car that you don't have or uses half tank of gas to go 5 miles in crowded downtown); 4) and, above all, gives you a very high gas mileage in a country where gas is almost 4$/gal.
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