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Piaggio Beverly Feedback

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Personally I wouldn't mind riding one of these around town for running errands and such, unfortunately there's only room for one motorcycle payment at a time in my wallet. I hope this scooter sells well, but I fear that it may not because we are all too "manly" for them, just as you say, which is a shame. Another problem might be the number of extremely large vehicles on the road. Some people are terrified of getting run over by something bigger than they are, so they will never even consider something this size, regardless of the benefits.

Seriously, I hope it sells well. Maybe then we can get some of those lovely 400 and 500 cc bikes that are sold everywhere else in the world instead of just 600 cc or bigger supersport bikes or the huge giving-birth-riding-position cruisers. Or maybe I'm just a sissy...

Remeber: It's always easier to do things the hard way. Chango
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In a related story...Harley Davidson press coordinator Chris Plunkett has announced that they intend to enter the scooter market, noting that more scooters are sold in eorope every year under just a few models than all motorcycles put together.

He went on to provide the details of Harley's preliminary research findings:

"Many scooters still have poor rear suspension; Harley should build something with poor rear suspension.

Many scooters have Continuously Variable Transmissions; Harley should build something that also feels like its slipping all the time and can give you a diffrent gear without actually shifting.

Many scooters are underpowered; Harley should build something underpowered.

Many scooters have oddball wheel sizes, mating a big, skinny front to a smaller, fat rear, thus wrecking handling. Harley should build something with oddball wheel sizes, too.

Many scooters are purely image machines, placing a greater value on appearance than function. (I give you the Pugeot(sp?) Speedfight and the Malaguti 50cc "Foggy Rep".) Likewise, Harley should build something that sacrifices function for image.

Some scooters can achieve a smooth, vibrationless 102mph (downhill, tailwind, drafting a Caddy Escalade). Harley should build something that can achieve 102mph, downhill, drafting an SUV, with a tailwind. Harley should also build a stylish topbox to hold the engine, believing that after it falls out, we have a good chance of getting to 'smooth' and 'vibrationless'.
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