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Piaggio Completes Aprilia Acquisition

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i'm just glad ducati didn't buy aprilia...competition is always a plus.
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Better Looking Aprilias?

Let's see... if I remember recent events correctly, changes in Italy's helmet laws caused a big drop in their scooter market. Aprilia scooter sales are hurting, so Piaggio probably doesn't gain much of the scooter market by acquiring Aprilia. I guess that means Piaggio is counting on gaining in the motorcycle market.

Maybe Piaggio's designers can bring some grace to Aprilia's motorcycles. I've ridden the Falco and the Futura... loved the motors and handling, but the visual design just didn't do it for me.

I hope Aprilia gets Piaggio/Vespa's artistic sense.

My two cents.
Re: Better Looking Aprilias?

i like the new lion paint job on the 05 rsv 1000 R
Hopefully they will go racing

The bikes don't do much for me right now. They have high spec for a decent price but the motor and the design just rub me the wrong way. With luck tho they will get back in to world superbike and maybe even ama and make for some excitement. plus more choice is always a good thing. Plenty of folks love the bikes.

I wonder what "full cooperation of the Italian Banking system" means when translated. undoubtedly it's code for something. Maybe its "we like these new guys a whole bunch more than the old yahoos. We might actually get our money back."
and we think alike on that 450

bolt it in the stinkwheel frame, with that chassis, man what a riot. i wouldn't mind a 5 inch rear wheel added while i'm dreamin. 250 gp racing without needing to take your own weather station to the track. nice. i think it should be priced like an sv650 with decent contingency money as long as i get to be czar of marketing.
Re: and we think alike on that 450

I'd pay my own money and buy one in a heartbeat (at the "insider" journalist discount of course :) -Sean
Re: Hopefully they will go racing

You need to ride a Mille or Tuono and then make up your mind. THEY ROCK!
Lets get the ball rolling now Aprilia. I want my 450cc V-twin sportbike! The RSV Factory that sits in the garage is requesting an occasional rest.
Sucks to be me...

If I had the money (which I don't) and I had the discount (ditto) a Tuono would be in the garage (I don't have).

And, all things (I don't have) considered, I'm still happy Aprilla will probably be around for a while.

But (if I had the bucks) I'd likely buy an SV1000N, and modify the crap out of it (anyway).

In all seriousnes, I'm afraid several companies might end-up in trouble during the financial down-turn that's been happneing, lately.

While I don't think Triumph is really in trouble, I would hate to think that things might go sour. That would be especially sad, since it sounds like Triumph is on the cusp of finally putting out a small triple.

Besides, without a few odd-ball bikes from Europe, coming out every once and a while, what would I have to B!tch about?
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Sad for Beggio

I feel sorry for Ivano Beggio, the former CEO/Chairman/Owner of Aprilia. His family started Aprilia and he always came off as a passionate man with a real love of Aprilia's history and a strong vision for the future. As an example, his desire for Aprilia to reach world-class status is what drove the significant (and crippling) efforts in MotoGP. They had the most technologically advanced bike in the paddock, which unfortunately they could not make come together (mostly due to struggling budgets as the company foundered due to the aforementioned Italian helmet law and resulting drop in sales). I had a 2000 Mille R and can tell you it was a fantastic motorcycle street and track (after 18,000 relatively trouble-free miles), especially for the money. And that was their first attempt at a sport bike! Aprilia streetbikes were very innovative, with the first mass-market applications of radial-mounted brakes, and one of the first factory-equipped slipper clutches (I know the Suzuki TL1000S came with one, but the Aprilia's actually worked!)

I think Mr. Beggio was a big dreamer and made some big gambles that didn't pan out due to some environmental conditions beyond his control. You've got to respect him for sticking to his visions, and also for not resisting the Piaggio buyout and causing Aprilia's complete demise.

I hope that Piaggio are able to make Aprilia into the brand that Mr. Beggio envisioned, which is obviously what they hope to do.
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Re: Sad for Beggio

Nicely said....very, Nicely-Said!
Re: Sad for Beggio

I feel the same. It seemed that he was allways looking to make the bike with that something extra. Was looking to stand up to the big guys and say look what my small company did, that you wouldn't do (at least in motorcycles), and before you all start flaming I'm not saying that they where the bleeding edge of motorcycles, but they allways struck me as unique bikes. even compared to the competition.

Maybe his dream exceeded his reach, but I hope Piaggio keeps that spirit alive in the new Aprilia. They definatly have some fun bikes out there.
Re: and we think alike on that 450

Looks like you missed your chance for a home grown single cylinder version:

Re: Hopefully they will go racing

I've ridden an 02 Mille R i think it's called on street and took one out for a lark at prerace practice. i just couldn't ride it very well. there are usually a host of reasons for this, starting with me. i would love to ride the tuono with the ohlin suspenders. i wish i knew somebody up here who had one. even tho we have an aprilia dealer in n. idaho, you don't see many. I agree eventually i hope to ride one i like, i wouldn't mind owning one.
No mention of Moto Guzzi?

Any newz on the future of Moto Guzzi?
ADD wire/service/report

In a surprising move, Sears Corporation and new partner Kmart unveiled plans today, that they are seeking to acquire the Moto Guzzi Motorcycle company. If acquired Moto Guzzis will be solded in the United States and throughout North America under the Kenmore Brand Name. Early reports indicate that the Moto Guzzi/Kenmore motorcycles will be sold through the new Sears/Kmart SuperStore network. When an official at Moto Guzzi was finally reached for comment, and anonymous spokesman stated…

"Aye! She ain’ta mush’a fa motocycyleria but I bett’a she’s gone-be una hellaffa washmachine."

When asked for further comment, none was forthcoming. However, after several seconds, an apparent gunshot was heard, and the phone-line immediately went silent.

ADD has no further information at this time.
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