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Picotte and Ducati make progress at Daytona

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Hey, I didn't catch who the sponser of the Daytona 200 is this year. I thought maybe it was Arai but couldn't tell by reading the article.
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More from Pascal Picotte

After the tire test, Picotte enlisted the services of a trainer to help with his sore wrists.

"It's just that I've gotten used to the apehangers on the VR 1000," he said.

Asked if there was any aspect of the VR 1000 he would miss, Picotte said, "Well, I kind of liked saddlebags, but I think the fringes cost us 5 mph on the high banks at Daytona."
Re: More from Pascal Picotte

....."and all that chrome weighed us down a little also compared to the competition".......
shameless pandering

Grover, you win the award today!!! Funny Funny

they do make nice lids though..I've converted from Shoei and would never go back
GO-SHOW walks on water

Gobert just ripped off a 1:48.428! The guy's incredible...
Re: Nicky walks on water too

Nicky Hayden just broke the track's going to be great racing next year...I can't wait...
Re: More from Pascal Picotte

Poor Pascal, he must be psychologically wounded from those years with Hardley. His relief at being on a Ducati now must be huge.
Gee Whiz, didn't some whacko privateer, Cook Neilsen win on a Ducati sometime in the late jurassic?
I just Was in the HMC Race shop

What a set up
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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