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Pirelli Diablo Strada: Buy a Large, One Topping, Get a Medium Free.

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First Post! Good tires....I've used them.
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It would be great if the offer was good in Canada Eh!
fscking 180/190 tires?

Sure, people who ride bikes with such wide tires buy sport-touring tires... (only BMW R/K-bikes AFAIK). What's with the blatent descrimination against those of us with real-world bikes in 150 and 160 cross section for whom the tire is quite appropriate?

At Parts Unlimited dealer pricing the front had BETTER be free. What a lame marketing spiel.
Re: fscking 180/190 tires?

Sorry Pirelli did not offer the tire in your size. My old 1982 GS1100GK cannot use them either. However, my Kawasaki ZZR1200 will be very happy with them.

What do you ride?
Re: fscking 180/190 tires?

Ah, the age of entitlement.
At Parts Unlimited Dealer pricing, I think I paid somewhere around $200 for a Diablo a couple of years ago, and the Strada is a bit more than the Diablo, I think. Plus, you still have to pay $25 shipping for that "free" front tire...
Dang, wish I had seen this a couple months ago when I bought a set for my FZ1. Oh well, I can attest it is an excellent tire, best I have had on my bike so far.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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