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Pocket-Bike Debate Resolved in SF

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Good. Those things are death traps on city streets. They have no place in traffic.
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Well, its about damn time...

I'm sorry about the "responsible" people who ride these things - the fact is that they are capable of being used on the street and are, yet they are no where near the standard of being roadworthy - and as such, cannot be considered street legal by the DOT.

Use them on private property, or run the risk of it being impounded!

Next should be those damn stand-up, weedeater-powered scooters...
How do you expect Darwinism to work...

... if you keep outlawing stuff that will get idiots killed!

If we saved every lemming that wanted to go over the cliff and every salmon that insisted on swimming upstream, we'd be up to our chins in lemmings and salmons! Hmm, add a bottle of Jagermeister to that equation and you might have yourself one helluva party. OK, never mind.
Re: How do you expect Darwinism to work...

I second that enthusiastically!!!!

Okay, never mind, too.
Re: How do you expect Darwinism to work...

So where's the complete story of Dirty's bachelor party.

I'm sure you were the designated driver and no women of questionable character were harassed during this outing.
Re: How do you expect Darwinism to work...

Hear hear! With the great nanny state stepping in to protect these would be candidates for the Darwin award, the mean IQ of our population will soon be equal to that of an MTV summer dance party. I say that concerned citizens everywhere should take up a collection to make sure that anyone wanting to ride one of these toys on the street is able to fulfill their fantasy, and their god given right to be stupid. VWW
Mmmm, pretty standard issue stuff actually

A spin at the go kart track, some carousing at a "gentleman's club", some MOronic logistical problems thrown in for good measure (cause we're MO, and ya gotta). We didn't even get thrown out of anyplace, unless you count last call.

Come to think of it, we probably should have ordered up some lemmings, salmon, Jagermeister and a few pocketbikes. Now THEN we would have had a night to remember!
Re: Mmmm, pretty standard issue stuff actually

Gee, not even one "wardrobe malfunction?"
This is what I despise about America. The government is the solution to every problem, real or percieved.

Well... in truth... I don't hate America... I just can't find it.
It might have something to do with the 70% of folks who don't vote. You can't find America because it no longer exists.
That's the problem with the government in general. All they can do is pass laws. For them the solution is everything is to pass another law. Pocket bikes? Outlaw them!Pass a law! People getting killed in autos cause they were too stupid to wear thier seatbelts? Pass another law! People offended by public drunkeness? Pass another law! I can't even sit on the curb in front of my house with a beer in my hand without fear of getting arrested. All because of government running uncontrolled. People complain about legislators getting too much vacation time, I say they should get more! The less they do, they better off we all are.

Wow, sorry for that rant. I don't know what got into me this morning....


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Re: Well, its about damn time...

Around here they are illegal... most people who still ride them do it at the chance of losing them.
That's good, I say. How can something that's smaller than the average kid's bicycle be allowed on the street? Pure stupidity if you actually wanna street ride them. And up here in the frigid north where SUV's and giant pickups rule the streets, those little things would just be speed bumps anyways.
Hopefully what got into you this morning will get into every American with a brain in their head. Keep ranting Vince. It's music to my ears. VWW
With the "major" partys propensity for continuously serving up tweedle dum and tweedle dummer as candidates is it any wonder that the majority of the populace feels disinfranchised? VWW
HA! you think you have it bad?

I live in a town where adults are required by law to wear helmets....

when they ride bicycles!


How many of you wore a helmet when you rode your bike as a kid? If I ever did see a kid with a helmet, I always felt sorry for him.. because I assumed he must be a waterhead or something...
Well, Duh!

Of course they banned them. Regardless of the safety issues on these things banning just about everything that's fun (unless it's perverted) is the normal governmental action for the neofascisti who run SF.

Maybe someone should mount these motors on shopping carts and give them to the homeless. Then the SF whackies would probably demand that the govt buy one for everybody.
Re: How do you expect Darwinism to work...

They don't want darwinianism to work. If there weren't loads of stupid people around how would the republicrats ever get elected? Who but the stupid would ever vote for these people?
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