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Polaris 3Q Financial Facts

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Kudos to an American motorcycle manufacturer. Interesting that one motorcycle can "save" a company (well, at least the motorcycle division). What percentage of their business is motorcycles, and how many did they sell?

Any truth to the story that they were going to build a bike called the "Pole Star", but decided against it?
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I wish they would print actual numbers of units sold instead of percentage increase.

If I sold one unit last year and two this year that would be a pretty damn impressive increase!
They probably didn't print sales numbers for a reason.
Still waiting for their power-standard... A Bulldog with actual balls--now that's something I'd like to see.
They sold 408.3 bikes

Our boys at report their sales were 4.9 million bucks. How much are they getting, s'pose 12k a pop.

Not a s-load of bikes really, considering how lovable Vegas is. Anyone checked out their on-line customizing thingie? How bout the mad orange with silver engine and frame, spokes. THAT is smart. Really smart.

- cruiz-euro
Manufacturers book income based on units produced, not units retailed by the local dealer. Total production and unit sales stats are listed in company reports to investors and the SEC.
It's called a Buell...
Re: They sold 408.3 bikes

That can't be right can it? I wonder if that's profit and not sales.

I like the Vegas too but I have yet to see one on the road and there are thousands of bikes on the road on any given SoCal weekend.
Accounting for Dummies

Thanks for giving Buz a Accounting lesson. He went to BSchool at SDSU.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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