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Poll of Polls, Poll

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So where are them?

Sean, oh Sean

didnt you froget something?
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Re: So where are them?

spell check maybe! Just Kidding! If you go to news the poll is there on the right.
Just a suggestion

Why not include links to the websites so the uninitiated can initiate?
You LIKE two ?? How could you like two!! Those morons over there are still riding tricycles for pete's sake. Now 4, 5, and 8 I can kind of agree with.
Re: Just a suggestion

Nah, that would be to sensible.
I don't like any of them. The Selection is horrible.
The selections of these 12 sites are rigged....

Sean is only picking the sites that he knows are not a good source of information.....

At least these sites are a real "easy read" and all of them are real fast to load on my slow PC, no broadband needed!
I knew you wouldn't pick my suggested poll... and I don't blame you.

If I knew how to get a date with Beyonce Knowles I wouldn't tell anyone either.
Ok computer guru's out there, am I doing something wrong here? I sure as heck don't see any ranking. I also don't find a way to view these 12 websites. Good thing I have my "Sean eating a burito" wallpaper to keep me company.

Take care,

Re: Just a suggestion

we'd have to put them in manually in the database, what a pain... good idea, but our laziness overules you. ;-)
OK Sean what does Easy got to do with motorcycles. Now if you meant, which is a Paisanos publication, I could understand, but is a network solution company.

Most of the web sites you suggested are paper magazines that tell ya if you want the lastest bike reveiws, buy the magazine. Two of them are online magazines only., and

I don't know about the rest of ya'll but if my boss caught me reading a print mag at my desk,( they are very hard to hide when he walks in) I wouldn't have a job long, But I can hide a web page easy! So online magazines with bike reviews are the only ones I would even rate out of all these. Ok heres my rating:

MO you are number one, even when your servers are screwing up, you are the only on line only magazine with your own dyno.

The vidios are great, the writting is enertaining, and the pics are cool wallpaper.

And Mr Bass looks cool in that salad bowl he wears doing the cruiser rides.
See less See more may have the best domain name, but your site is the WORST when it comes to delivering information in an easy-to-read/find manner. Hell, I've seen small, informal, non-professional riding groups with (free) sites that are easy to surf and feature excellent graphics. I've found numerous other (free) sites (as I'm sure other MOrons have) and won't be renewing when my "account expires in 79 days"!

I WELCOME your personal comments!
Re: So where are them?

in a very sarcastic tone: oh, of course!! How fricking obvious!! I always enjoy reading the whole page, all the hyperlinks (and their corresponding pages) to find what the hell you're talking about.

NOTE TO MO: If you have users asking where the poll is, you've failed in your purpose.
That's not laziness

If you're out criticizing motorcycles, you're working.
Where else are you going to find, the Highwayman, KPaul, Sean, or for that matter Burns? Yes, for sure this sight is sometimes a pain in tha' youknow to use, but it is infinitely more interesting than most other websites I have found. It is cheaper than most print rags out there also, and much more timely. Besides that, you can ***** anytime you want.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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