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Hi everybody

I have '97. bmw f650 Funduro and here is my problem. First i'd had some problems with ignition and than it stopped. After that begun problems with rpm-s... When i turn on the bike, everything is working perfectly in the neutral and at the lover revs but when i start driving and rev it over maybe 3500 rpms engine starts to cough and in most cases shuts down. What have i done? I cleaned spark plugs and air filter and it worked perfectly for next maybe 30 kms. Next day I turned it on without problems and when i started to drive it shoot down and after that I couldn't turn it on again!

If somebody have some suggestion or idea i would be more than glad to hear it!

Rock on!
I had a g650 same year and just before the 6000mi service it started stalling even while splitting lanes on the highway. It stalled going down a dirt hill and I crashed. Turns out it was the second recall for that issue. BMW north America never figured it out (or didn't try) and bought back the bike full price. Check directly with BMW head office. Dealership was no help.Now I ride a Yamaha. Cheaper and more reliable.
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