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Product Review: Muzzy Pipes for ZRX1200R

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All the scrap Russian titanium on the market may be a contributing factor to cheaper Ti parts for us nerds that thinks that it's just the coolest thing out there. A larger factor (IMHO) is the fact that the technology to actually work with the stuff is becoming cheaper and more accessible. Ever try to cut the stuff with a hacksaw or something? It's really fun to give an over-zealous buddy a chunk of it and a saw and say "go for it!" (Trust me.)

So now that people other than military contractors are actually able to forge, weld and machine the stuff (all very tricky things to do), I think that's why we are seeing real-world Ti applications.

Why is it tricky to work with, you ask? Well, it's very reactive with oxygen and it's very hard (very brittle in it's pure state, hence a usual Ti + vanadium + other goodies ****tail). I took a cutting torch to a chunk of Ti once- that was interesting. The stuff almost explodes when you heat it up and hit it with pure O2. So melting it down, forging it, welding-- pretty much anything that requires heating it-- is very tricky. Not to mention machining it eats up normal tool steel.

Anyway, huzzah for technology that makes all those tricky things not so tricky anymore and gives us lighter, cheaper, stronger crap!
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With a Full Exhaust, Jet Kit, and K&N filter, you should get close to 130 horsepower at rear wheel (corrected).

There are several dyno charts posted at ZRXOA forums. For a standard, 130hp isn't too shabby!

Right about the 30 pound exhaust, they have been weighed before, and they are just shy of 30 pounds. Expect 15-20 pound savings with a full exhaust.

ZX-11 exhausts will fit the ZRX 1200, or atleast the header will:)
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Typical Flaco spouting off as usual, eh? Quite informative, actually... you getting any rain EF? College bettys impressed with your tales of MO? What up?
Typical Flaco spouting off as usual, eh? Quite informative, actually... you getting any rain EF? College bettys impressed with your tales of MO? What up?
What exactly does that spring do, hold the can on? And why use a spring?
Where are the sound files. I get read about this sexy exhaust and then get to the end of the article only to have my excitement crushed from the lack of sound or video files.

I geuss I'll have to go back to work now...
Let's hear that dog bark!!!

You know, that was my exact thought! You tell us how it scares the public, but no sound files for us? Come on, now!
spring performance

I've always wondered about springs on exhaust pipes too. Can we increase performance with a heavier or lighter spring ;)
Just to be a pain in the a$$. How about doing a story of the ZRX, leaving the stock exhaust on and re-jetting the carbs? I think it would be very interesting to see how much power you could find, by optimizing the carbs, without helping to pay for Rob Muzzy's bills. Of course, carburetors aren't very smart and can't adjust themselves to day to day, hour to hour, changes in air density, so dumb old carburetors are always going to be a compromise, but back to back dyno runs with Kawasaki's settings and more optimal one's, might be enlightening. I can't help but think, after looking at the dyno charts you posted and wonder if the HP gain above 7800 rpm is more due to the Muzzy exhaust or maybe the Kawasaki's main jets are a little too big, with the stock pipe.

It's what I do- spouting, that is. I should be getting paid to do that soon with the "Daily" (campus newspaper at the UW); I had my first article published there on Thurday (hooray!) with more to follow.

Ohh, let's see, what else... not too much rain, really. Drizzle now and then, been chilly, but today's frickin' beautiful- sunny and a balmy 60 degrees! Rumors of another El Nino winter (seems like that's happening more and more) so hopefully be able to do a lot of riding this winter. Held boots, here I come!

ANd yes, some lovely Seattle ladies have been quite wowed with my tales of adventure in the mystical, far-off land of "Los Angeles," but nothing has blossomed yet. Must keep working on that...

'Bout it for now. I'll let you know when I start making the Big Bucks at the "Daily!"
Got that right! I made the mistake of buying a $400 aftermarket slip on for my YZF600 which, in my opinion, only made it louder. Loud wasn't so bad, but it sounded like a Toyota Tercel with a bad muffler after the installation of the aftermarket. I would -sure- like to see a sound file on all the different slip on's out there. Save me bux in the long run.
I don't think there's a direct connection between the loudness of the pipe and the level of risk we experience when we ride. I have ridden bikes with stock and modified exhausts, and have noticed more attention tossed my way with louder pipes. As far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing.

There's not many things finer than fiddling with a bike the factory thought was good enough for Joe Q. Average. The aftermarket is my friend. He holds all my excess cash for me.
I popped for the titanium Muzzy system for my 2001 model and it gained substantially more power than your bike did. Check out the chart here.. Stock-Muzzy.jpg

The full titanuium system doesn't have the internal divider plate collector that your stainless system does. It has a true 4 into 2 into 1 external collector. I was told there is no difference in power between the stainless pipe and the ti pipe by Muzzy's but perhaps that is incorrect.

After adding the Factory Pro 2.5 jet kit my bike jumped up to 132hp/90 pounds of torque.

Add some quick cleanup of the head by 4&6 Racing and some X-3 cams....hello 145hp.

Oh, and all these figures are 4th gear roll, same dyno, same dyno operator, same temps, SAE hp figures.

Really, Mr. Burns, if you want to get the inside scoop on the ZRX c'mon over to

Jim B.

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Damn dude, 145HP? That's getting near Hayabusa / CBR1100XX / ZZ-R1200 territory...

Upon noticing the degrading state of my current exaust system (rust forming due to the unfortunately too common practice of lousy chroming by certain eastern manufacturers) I considered this a great opportunity to upgrade to a nice aftermarket system for my Suzuki.

After a thorough search followed by a severe case of stickershock ($925 really???? $500+ for a pair of slipons????) I optioned for a trip to the local chrome shop.

If the aftermarket people keep this up they'll end up in serious trouble by chasing an ever decreasing number of people who are willing to pay these apparently exhorbitant prices. Heck, may as well go back to Harley if the prices for the eastern aftermarket stuff continues on this path.

It's like I told the GM service guy last spring. "If GM is going to charge BMW prices I may as well buy a BMW".
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Many ZRX owners have had success with Ivan's Jet Kit, and the Factory Pro 2.5. Typical hp is around 130.
I'm getting a woody hearing about all this extra horsepower. I just bought a 2002 VFR800 and luv the bike. I luv also luv the exhaust with a V8 sound. But it's somewhat subdued. Are there any effective slip-ons on the market to increase power and enhance the exhaust sound( just a little). I know the new VFR is fairly new, but are Fuel Injection chips also available?

More than like I should not touch a perfect bike to begin with. Never mind. Thanks for all ur help.
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