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Production Of Fuel Cell Motorcycles Begins

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man, i bet a guy'll pick up tons of chicks on that!

if by 'chicks' you mean unshaven fem-nazi hippies who smell a lot like pot and petruli oil.

. . .

yeah, i dunno... i don't want one.
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Re: Biodiesel production is a winner not a loser (facts and data not opinions)

"Give me facts and data next time not opinons out of your arse..."

Kettle, pot, etc.
Re: Biodiesel production is a winner not a loser (facts and data not opinions)

Did you even read the studies schizuki or are you on a parade lap?
Re: I thought you would never ask

So you own and drive a Volkswagen that burns biodiesal? How does it perform? Where do you get the fuel? What is the per-mile-cost of the fuel compared to gasoline?

I'm looking for your real-world experience because I've been reading about biodiesal for two years and I still don't see it going anywhere. The Prius is selling on hype but biodiesal doesn't seem to be finding a market . I'm curious why.
Re: Biodiesel production is a winner not a loser (facts and data not opinions)

I was referring to your chronic out-arse-talking in every other thread.
You forgot to mention they had to be new Bicycle Rider Back!
Re: I thought you would never ask

I love Google.

"Turning plants such as corn, soybeans and sunflowers into fuel uses much more energy than the resulting ethanol or biodiesel generates, according to a new Cornell University and University of California-Berkeley study.

Ecologist David Pimentel...says that his analysis shows that producing ethanol uses more energy than the resulting fuel generates.

"There is just no energy benefit to using plant biomass for liquid fuel," says Pimentel, professor of ecology and agriculture at Cornell. "These strategies are not sustainable."

Of course, kpaul will just say that these are typical red-state oil-loving conservatives. From Cornell. And Berkeley.
My two Lincolns:

Only 100 miles and top speed of 50? So a great city commuter, lousy for a days run?

Well, it has love it or hate it looks. First though, at seeing the picture: Cool! Next though: You won't see my @ss on that.

It also requires H2 filling stations in the rider's area, and I believe those haven't exactly caught on yet, in any sort of a big way.

Okay, that might have been a nickle.
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Disclaimer: Not coming to KP/SBB's defense!

One thing I have heard from a friend who used biodiesel was that he use to get the 'leftovers' from the deep fryer at his local fast food resurant for nothing (since they usually just throw it away), and use that to blend. That way he was recycleing waste that normally would get tossed, to make his own.

With keeping the above in mind, I would venture that since the product was now used for two purposes, the energy required to manufacture it in the first place was halfed, as opposed to making a seperate lot for use. He also used a 15% blend, thinning the dinos out that much more, though he did say he noticed a little less acceleration full open.

Just throwing out some more info to fuel the fires of discussion, I guess.
Re: Disclaimer: Not coming to KP/SBB's defense!

What it boils down to is this - if biodiesal was so gosh-darn awesome and easy, we'd all be doing it. That's how the open marketplace of ideas works.
Water vapor isn't...

...the only byproduct. Apparently an incredible amount of heat is released in the process of producing energy from hydrogen.

Don't let the "Global warming will kill us all!!!" alarmists hear about that.
Re: Disclaimer: Not coming to KP/SBB's defense!

You hit that nail on the head. There are two types of people; those that run their mouth about something, and those that actually do something. If kpaul actually produced and sold as much biodeisel with the same amount of time he ran his mouth about it, I guess he'd be one rich MF'er. But as of now, it's all talk. Of course, just as with motorcycles, he is 100% correct with his choice, and there is no alternative. Just ask him. He'll tell you. Better yet, don't ask.
Re: I thought you would never ask

You will never get an answer to your questions, because kpaul is a liar, and doesn't own such a vehicle. he's talking out his ass again, and simply can't shut up at this point. It's called diarrhea of the mouth. That's all he REALLY has ever had.
Re: I thought you would never ask

You might also like to point out that the VW runs on a blend of no more than 5% bio. The rest of the mix will come from BIG OIL!!!
Re: Disclaimer: Not coming to KP/SBB's defense!

When he said he walked the walk I though he went out and bought a VW diesel. Guess he punked out again...huh?

A buddy of mine just bought a new Jetta Wagon with the TDI, he figures he gets around 50 or so on regular diesel. Pretty nice looking car.
Ah, what the hell. Let's go back to horses and buggys. If you want to go long distances take a train or a steam ship, the rest of the time it's bicycles or horses.

Then we could complain about horse poop and flys everywhere.
Re: Biodiesel production is a winner not a loser (facts and data not opinions)

What a sad and pathetic little ego you have.

Shouldn't you be in the gym?

Or fighting forest fires?

Or racing around in your super-duper, bestest bike in the whole world?

Or writing more drivel about the death of the v-twin?

Or Googling more political crap?

Or looking into more ways to work in that you're an engineer into every day conversation?

Please! Please! We just need to hear more about YOU!

Have you saved any kittens? Have delivered any babies? Fought sea monsters? When is the KPual infomercial on motivation speaking coming out?!

Is there a magazine I can subscribe to?!

How about a fan club?

Please send me a door sized poster of your dumb @ss as soon as possible!

Can’t wait to hear more crap,

Your Biggest Fan
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imho emisions will only get you so far, it is time to apply some effeciancy to the quotient. while a fuel cell sounds great, it is the pinacle of inefiecency, that and it's only clean @ the cunsumtion stage, production and transport sucks as bad as gasoline.

For a much lower infastructure cost and the aded benifit of scrubing co2 out of the atmosphere (thats what hapens when you grow algea, soy or rapeseed) you can have biodiesel. And we all get to keep our noisy fast vehicles.

fuel cells are nothing more than a short sighted enviromental wet dream, no diferent than a 100% electric vehicle. even range is about the same, the only advantage I can see is the impatient gas and go, no waiting for a charge. this leopard's spots are looking familiar..
Where do you live?

I am guessing it's a Red State?

Do a search on Google "Biodiesel + Seattle"
Study only applies to methanol

You didn't read the government sponsered studies did you? Plus an ecology professor won't have the last word the market will.. Right now biodiesel is selling above regular diesel ...
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