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Production Of Fuel Cell Motorcycles Begins

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man, i bet a guy'll pick up tons of chicks on that!

if by 'chicks' you mean unshaven fem-nazi hippies who smell a lot like pot and petruli oil.

. . .

yeah, i dunno... i don't want one.
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Re: I thought you would never ask

Independent third-party, peer-reviewed studies show biodiesel has the highest energy balance of ANY fuel. A prominent USDA/DOE study shows for every unit of fossil fuel used to make biodiesel, 3.2 units of energy are gained in energy output. That's a 320% increase and includes soybean planting, harvesting, fuel production and transportation.

Now thats talking out my ass. Look it up longride if you dare..
You can get it longride...

click here

Notice that Chicago is a little behind the times..
Get em while they're hot

Tier II emissions regs come online in 2007 and currently no diesel available in the US will be able to meet these standards.
Re: You can get it longride...

How can that be?! I thought Illinois was a blue state?! You said blue states were the BEST, tip-top and king sh!t! And we all know everything is easily separated between red states and blue states. You told us this many times!

How can this be?!

You [email protected]
Re: Study only applies to methanol

Look, more wasted space by KPaul! Good job, buddy!

I like how you stated biodiesel sells above regular diesel but stated no statistics. Very convincing! Super job!
Re: You can get it longride...

In every family there is slow one. We love Ill. none the less.... At least they (citizens of Land of Lincoln) are correct about the most important issue..
Re: You can get it longride...

Which issues? I will need a list. Preferably in order of KPaul importance. After each item I will need a lengthy explanation with random reference to studies and questionable statistics on how this affects KPaul and the KPaul lifestyle.

Also, if you could fit in references to your sportsbike, fighting forest fires and your engineering skills, that too would be super helpful.
If they double the top speed and quadruple the distance between refueling I'd consider buying one, but 50 mph, I could get 100 mpg on a scooter and do that.
Europe has to levy high taxes on fuel to keep demand down. Lacking oil reserves, they must concern themselves with unfavorable balance of payment accounts. We, however, go our merry way running up huge deficits with ever increasing debt service. But, as Bushie sez: wot, me worry!
Re: You can get it longride...

By that map, per capita, Kansas is kicking WA's ass in biodiesel availibility. But what kind of twit would boast about the availibility of fry oil at a service station? No sane person cares about these things.

Say, kpaul, post that link again to that Comic-Sans-font website by the crazy lady who called herself "Biodiesel Mom," or whatever it was. It was friggin' riotous. Come on!
HAHAHA ... A rear sprocket that big and it still dosnt wheelie!!! Forget it!!
amen brother, you can get scooters to wheelie and I can ride a quite respectable wheelie on my mountain bike for a fraction of the cost and some minimal exercise, and while I can occasionaly make it all day w/o pulling the front of my speed triple off the ground, it's nice to know that I am only a flick of the wrist from being local public enemy # 1 (I live in a dull comunity) Heres to the petroleum age, I for one will be sad to see it go.
Cool Link. That is the first electic vehicle I think I have ever seen that I would actually drive.
Re: I thought you would never ask

Maybe when you come down to earth again, you will find out that you DON"T OWN A VW DIESEL. You don't "walk" anything. You haven't produced one thimble full of any fuel, and I bet haven't invested a penny in the technology. That just makes you another ass^hole running his mouth about something he really knows nothing about. Of course, you are 100% right about everything, as always, and there is no other answer to energy except this, of course. So please feel free to quote someone else so I'll be SOOOOOO impressed. Just like there is only one "right" motorcycle. You know, the only one you have actually ridden in your whole life. You argue like a 3 year old and still act like a doofus. Do you really wonder why everyone thinks you are a f$cking moron? Certainly one the path to banisihment again.
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Re: I thought you would never ask

Haha! He got you again!
Shhhhhh! don't shout in the asylum.

Put your hands over your ears and keep repeating "Everything is just fine, just fine."
Re: I thought you would never ask

Still haven't answered my questions, kpaul. Tell me about your biodiesal car.
Re: Where do you live?

"I am guessing it's a Red State?"

Are you talking to me? If so, you're wrong again (shocking, I know). I live in bluer-than-blue Maine.
Re: I thought you would never ask

Want to ruin your company? Hire Kook to run its ad campaigns. I've never seen anyone with such an ability to make people hate whatever he's trying to get them to like.
Nice - that's one heck of a battery (125v / 30Ah) plus it has integrated Bluetooth. Bluetooth on a big electric scooter?

If you live within, say, 20 miles of your office this would be a nice commuter.

Any tax benefit associated with a vehicle like this?
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