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Promoters of ''Inflatable Motorcycle Vests'' Sentenced

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Five counts of tax evasion eh? I guess even when you are stealing other peoples money the government still wants a piece of the action. Sort of sounds like the Mafia doesn't it? VWW
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Also sentenced were the promoters of the solar-powered flashlight and the Wile E. Coyote umbrella/parachute.
Wouldn't that be the ACME umbrella/parachute?
place a vest on each of the felons...throw them off a truck at 60 mph. let the punishment fit the crime...then pick up the pieces,,,
Re: Some People Will Buy Anything...

...including metric screw drivers and left-handed hammers.
Why do "independently wealthy" people need investment capital again?
Because you don't stay rich by spending your own money. Risk other peoples money, that's the American way!
Sad that the thing wasn't real. It sounded like a cool idea. I could see it evloving into a suit that turned you into the Michelin man just prior to hitting the pavement.

I can see the headlines now; "Man bounces off of the bay bridge after crash, floats out to sea!"

Who??? Are they related to Yvon and Miguel?
Different spelling of the last name. They've got an extra L. Presumably for "larceny."
They're gonna soon be in the market for an inflatable donut.
Re: Some People Will Buy Anything...

I have a metric adjustable wrench - it's for lefthanders
Lay her down.

I don't know if I was dreaming or I was off my meds but I thought he had a working prototype he used on a commercials on Speed TV. Seems to me he would ride his Sportster then lay it down in front of an oncoming vehicle and the vest would inflate. Maybe its not the same dude or like I said above I was off my meds...
These two should have hooked up with the guy that made the Grizzley-proof armor.
How ironic, if they had pitched Honda first they probly could've sold this thing and wouldn't've had to Lie... seems like a FANTASTIC idea to me Bob, what do you say?

I LOVE it, Biff, safety first...
That corpse in Tijuana sure could have used one.
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