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I commute every day in New Jersey, mostly back roads, and no route takes me more than 10 miles.

I had one early roadrash experience, when the sleeve of a non-riding leather jacket slid up on my and left me with enough rash to seriously consider ATGATT.

So, every day I suit up in my Joe Rocket Meteor jacket, JR Ballistic pants, Nolan N100E, JR Phoenix gloves, and Oxtar Matrix boots. Yes, I look like an astronaut, but I'm dressed for an unexpected date with the pavement.

Sure enough, in late July I had a woman on a cell phone not see me, and pull out from a stop sign (in an SUV, no less), right into my path. It's amazing how you can miss a bright yellow rider on an ugly bike (700 pounds of fat and ugly, as my wife puts it). I was travelling 25-30 and scrubbed down to about 10-15 before I T-boned her driver's door. Upon impact, the bike came around and I smacked her driver's side rear door, and continued to the ground while she passed.

The bike landed on my right leg, the armor of my boots protecting my ankle from the imapact, and the exhaust melted some serious holes in my nylon pants, but didn't get my khaki's or my legs. A smashed pinkie, from either the lever or the ground, and a bruised kneecap were the damage I suffered.

I only lost one day of work, spent primarily to rescue my bike from the lot it was towed to. The tow truck driver that picked it up informed me that I had done $10,000 in damage to the truck, effectively sealing both doors with the bike and my body.

I can't imagine the rash, scrapes, bruises, burns, or breaks that I might have experienced otherwise. I knew I sweated my 'nads off for a reason.

The bike is a total loss, but I walked away to ride another day, and that's what counts.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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