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Glad you are not in worse shape. Thank you for the testing report on the boots, pants, jacket and gloves. There probably should be a thread with email names etc removed preserving anonymity but listing brand names of the protective gear and the experience. MO would need to guarantee confidentiality to get real honest reports. Mercedes and Volvo have analagous destructive testing reports (they have the right to independently investigate crashes with their products in certain geography and the accounts are shielded from legal access) which clearly has lead to better safety products on their part. MO - you might want to apply to the NIH for a certificate of confidentiality to gather such reports -

The reports really have improved safety.

I don't want any MOFO's to crash, but if you crash it is better to report that all the stitches pulled out of brand z gloves than for another 100 MOFo's to purchase brand z because they are reinforced with ___________ fill in the blank. ALSO - please don't assume the armor is still good. Like helmets - some armour is a one time real use only item.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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