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No Gear + Head Injury = Morte!

Even if you're wearing a $800 helmet. Read the Motorcyclist story on DOT v Snell standards here:

and pay attention to the section "How Hurt is Hurt?".

Having multiple moderate-to-severe injuries all over your body, like broken legs, ankles, roadrash, busted collarbones, etc can multiply the effects of even a moderate head injury, decreasing your chances of survival. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt out riding, no matter how hot it is outside, is really unacceptable.

Now we have inexpensive, comfortable and practical hot-weather riding gear that is very protective at the speeds most crashes occur at. Joe Rocket sells a jacket/pant combo that's pretty good at protecting you from roadrash and impacts (although not as good as they say it is!) for under $200.

It's worth it! Think about the fact that most crashes happen within a few miles of the victim's house the next time you select riding gear for a short ride.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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