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Re: Whoa!, there, Tex.

"They aren't made in some corporate office by Japanese guys that have no interest in the sport other than technical specifications and winning races." Now there’s a sweeping generalization.

As a passionate motorcyclist, who also happens to be a proud Japanese-American, I’m compelled to illuminate the miss-informed. The Japanese (as well as the Italians, Germans, Brits, and Aussies) are just as passionate about their craft as the good folks in Milwaukee – who do indeed make fine bikes. Tadao Baba, David Robb, Fabio Taglioni, Arlen Ness, and yes Willie G. are all passionate about motorcycles. Is each and every employee of the Big Four passionate about motorcycles? Probably not. But I’ll wager the same can be said about The Motor Company.

Please do me and the other forum readers a favor. I respectfully request that you think twice before you write potentially offensive generalizations about a culture or people of which you clearly know little (if anything) about. As motorcyclists, we are unfairly stereotyped every day. Let’s not be guilty of the same ignorance on this forum.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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