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Proton takes first provisional pole in Germany

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He was real sharp

JMc just flew: wheelie on every shift in the T2 section. Maybe he could pull a bit more top gear and lose less in T3 and 4.

Kato looked much better with the RCV211V coming next month! Why can't I be him? He's geared to race with the 4-strokes (almost) and still goes real well in the slow parts.

Rossi looked looser than usual; not spinning it up, but a bit more crossed up than usual. What a great rider overall!
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I realize that this is early and the race will determine the real winner, however, it seems to me that to sacrifice top end for better handling in the twisties assumes that Team Proton will be first into the twisties off the line. If not, passing riders in the curves is alot harder than pulling them on the straights.

Good luck!
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