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Proud owner of a SV650

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First post! Thanks for serving Ntschwartz! Here's to many years of joyful riding. Extra good on you, Ashley for extending such an offer to our troops.
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Don't tell me you bought an SV in Baghdad. You made it home alive and you're enjoying that machine here, right?
You've earned many smiles. Enjoy many hundreds of thousands of them.
As you already know this site is addictive but go ride the thing Id like a 3000 mile update and keep track of the gas mileage as I am in the mood for a commuting bike and if it gets good mileage I can explain the purchase away with the wif.
I accidentally tested the range of my SV yesterday (forgot my wallet). 200 miles on a tank without running out. 4.2 gallon tank figures out to about 48 mpg. I was just a little nervous those last few miles.
WTG! It's good to see people put down their ego and do something rational!

Did you buy it new? Slightly used? Anything aftermarket?

In my experience, especially now that I've ridden other bikes, the SV is a SUPERB choice for a first bike. Friendly power, light, capable, and tons of fun! I keep on thinking I'm going to be lustful as I ride more expensive, faster, and more refined bikes, and although each has some features I enjoy [mainly wind protection :) ] , I am always happy to get back to my comfortable, nimble little SV. And its so frickin' full of character it just makes me grin. I guess its a case of a bike well matched to the desires of its rider.

In all, I really doubt you will be disappointed with your purchase. Some thoughts for upgrades:

1. Please get a fender eliminator kit - for me...

2. A new pipe does wonders for the character of the bike and is much more gratifying.

3. I have nothing but good to say about my power commander III - what an awesome upgrade.

I hope everything goes well for you in your new venture! :::Stay safe:::
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well over 40 mpg (I haven't paid closer attention to give an exact number) with about 1800 miles on the clock
Nice choice on the'll really start to enjoy it once it's broken in. I recommend getting some bar-end mirrors. The stock mirrors are junk.
With the power commander switch turned to "waste gas in all rev ranges" I get 38 to 45 mpg depending on how much coffee I drink.
Thanks for your service and great to have you back safely, great choice of first bike, the SV is one great motorcycle, after riding many different bikes for the last 40 years, I am in love with my 02 650S, it is fast, dependable, it handles great, it gets great gas milage and last but not least, it gives me great satisfaction after smoking the squids in the twisties and watching the looks we get when I take my helmet off, and they see my gray hair and my "lowly" SV having just spanked their new Gixers, R1's, etc. You will not get bored with it any time soon, cheers.
Re: ANOTHER Proud owner of a SV650

Thanks for serving your country and coming home safe. I purchased a used '02 S model for my wife as a first bike. She is a motorcycling riding grandmother! Some people think that I got it so I could ride it! No way!!! REALLY!! It is a great bike, especially for a first or returning rider. I installed some SUN Clipon Risers to reduce some of the strain on your wrists from the mildly aggressive riding position and it made a great improvement, making the S more rider friendly than it is already. A great bike, and I do ride it with a BIG smile!! I did really get it for my wife!!!
Free subscription? You guys should have told me while I was over there! I think I even renewed from the Presidential Palace in the Green Zone.

started out with a '04 speed triple, and now after 10000 miles and a msf course I am pretty sure I am not going to kill my self on it, but for a while there I was genuinely concerned i had bitten off more than I could chew. (the feeling faded fast after the first 1000 miles or so.)
Concerning SV gas mileage: it's pretty darn good. I had an SV one bike ago and loved it dearly. I'm a pretty conservative rider, and so results may vary. But I got 50 mpg pretty consistently, and more if it was just hwy riding. Eventually sold the SV and got a Bandit 1200 instead because my wife likes to ride along. The Bandit's a great bike, but it doesn't come close to the SV in sheer fun factor. I got my first bike when I was 10 years old. I'm 42 now, and I've never had more fun on a bike than on the SV. If I were buying another street bike just for myself, it would be the SV, no question. Buy it, that's my advice.
Welcome back: glad you're still with us, and thanks for your service. Ride well and safe and have lots of fun. You've earned it.
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