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Hi all, I just joined the forums, been reading the topics, especially in the Chit Chat. :p

I was wondering where you get your motorcycle/atv/jet ski, etc tools from. I get my stuff from this guy here in the US, he runs, as well as an E-bay store with the same name. He seems to have decent prices, good quality (Made in the US! When was the last time you got something that didn't say China/Taiwan/Singapore on it!?), and has a nice customer relations department.

I've talked to the guy on the phone, and he runs a CNC Shop, so he can also make tools that he doesn't have in-stock, if there is a high enough demand. Overall, I'd give the guy credit, since these days it's hard to compete with outsourcing, and he is amazing on the quality and shipping time. Multiple times, he's shipped my order the same day as I placed it, and sometimes within minutes!

Anyway, not to make it sound like an ad for the guy (though I'd definitely recommend taking a look at his stuff), where do you get your tools? Maybe I'll try other places too!

Thanks all, and I'll be seeing you around the forums. ;)
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