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Quadriplegic Hopes Motorcycle Trip Will Raise Awareness

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While I do feel for these people, having seen both of my parents become wheelchairbound from stroke and Lou Gehrig's disease, I don't recall my brothers and I running to the govt and the public with our hands out... er I mean, trying to "raise their awareness". We took care of our own.

Still, there would be plenty of medicare money for people like this, who I would like to help, if we would stop giving huge wads of cash to support heroin addicts' habits, stop providing openended free drugs to the most wealthy Americans, stop giving Viagra to paroled sex offenders....etc....etc....etc.

I'm beginning to worry about how much "awareness raising" my pocketbook can stand.

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Check this guy out! Hope they all have a great time. Ride on brother!! - Rxman
Ditto for me seruzawa. When I was being born my father was in the midst of a 13 month stay in an iron lung, with polio, at Kaiser Permantente hospital in LA. We were broke and the March of Dimes charity paid for his stay. The MOD certainly knew how to manage funds better than Uncle Sam. BTW my dad, while forever after being a wheel chair bound paraplegic,went to a vocational school, became a gunsmith, went to night school, graduated high school 1 year after me, went back to night school, got an engineering degree, designed weapons and ammo feed systems for tanks, helicopters, and jet aircraft for divisions of Ford Motor company, Aero Jet General, General Dynamics, General Motors, and many others. By the time he retired he held thirteen patents for various weapons applications, including telescopic ammunition for better mass centralization in high speed feed systems for large caliber machine cannons. He made lots of money and paid HUGE taxes, as well as paying off the charities that helped him when he was down. Perhaps that's one of the reasons it galls my so bad when I see these people that have handicapped plates on their cars that get out and beat me into the supermarket!

Did I mention that I was proud of him? Van
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The American dream! You have a right to be proud Van! Hats off to him!
I don't mind anyone rasing awareness for a cause. We just need more folks paying attention to the causes that we already fund. I'd rather help someone with a hand up than a hand out. I'd rather see this cause get some funding than some of the wastes of money I see these days. Especially when funds go to causes that don't benefit the population of the country that raised them. Let's see now, struggling American vs. mistreated Iraqi?
Cool story VW. He never brought his work home, did he?

(I'm visualizing old stained carboard boxes out in the garage with 20mm Vulcans, 12.7mm M2's and such).

Yep, he belongs to that generation where anything was possible if you had the guts and the drive. Pretty rare thing nowadays, what with the "touchy feely" mind set.
Yes he occasionally brought his work home. My favorite story was back in the late 60's when he was working for Areonutronics ( a division of Philco, Ford), he was pulled over in his red 59 El Camino with a XM140 (an experimental 30mm electric powered machine cannon) by the CHP for hauling goods without a commercial license plate (remember those?). He called the Captain of the CHP and got the ticket dismissed by claiming what he was hauling was a gun, which was sporting equipment, and therefore it was exempted from the commercial statute! To give you a glimpse of where I get my irreverence for government bureaucracy, When the Captain told my dad to mail in the ticket so that he could clear up any paperwork necessary in removing the charge, my dad's immediate response was " Do you mean every time that I’m harassed by the Highway Patrol it's going to cost me 10 cents for postage?" The Captain was so shocked that he just told dad he would handle it, and, not to worry about it!
Today your Dad would have been convinced by our publicly funded army of shrinks that he is a victim of his environment and that he would have to make the best of it by adapting to conditions. Take your soma and give up dude bacause there's nothing you can do about it. You see these guys by the thousands sitting by the road with hand written cardboard signs that say "please help". The public drive by completely unaware that these chronically homeless guys are the creation of the shrinks with their drugs, shocks and lobotomies.

Lucky for your Dad that he was too young and this "therapeutic society" machine that sucks up and destroys so many people in the name of help didn't exist.

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