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Question about magneto compartment/starting issues with Virago 250

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New to the forums. I have a question regarding the Yamaha Virago 250. I am having problems starting the bike. It is a new bike with only 1157 miles on it. There is no spark on the plugs while cranking. The only time I can get a spark on the plugs is when I first turn on the ignition key. I have replaced the CDI (black box) but it did not help. I opened up the side access cover on the engine that has the magneto in it. I found oil in there and there is what appears to be a hole in the engine casting that is allowing the oil into the magneto chamber. This area is where the flywheel and the starter drive gear is located. The hole does not look like a manufactured hole since it is odd shaped and jagged. Is this magneto compartment supposed to have oil inside it? If so does anyone have any ideas has to what my problem could be? The engine has great compression, the battery is fully charged and the spark plugs are basically new. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated. I miss not being able to ride the little bike. Thanks everybody.
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First, your Virago doesn't have a magneto. It has an alternator, and yet there is supposed to be oil in there with it. If you replaced the Black Box and your battery is perfect, and you are sure the wiring isn't fried or a fuse cooked, I'd say your coil is bad. It's just a guess, but that is really the last link left in getting a spark on the plugs. I'd look at the coil if it was mine.
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