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Question about Yamaha XT225

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Does anybody know if, on the Yamaha XT225 Dual Purpose bike, do the rear blinkers act as running lights as do the front blinkers? I bought one today from dealer considered used 2007 with 300 miles on it. Owner manual was not with bike, it is supposed to be comming. Tonite was my first night ride and I noticed that the blinkers work fine, but the rear lights do not stay on like the front ones. Does anyone have any idea about this issue? Any responce would be greatly appreciated.
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After consulting with the great Super Hunky (Rick Sieman) who is currently doing a hop up article on the TTR230 for, we both came to the conclusion that you should just hacksaw the signals off anyway, since they mar the appearance of such a fine motorcycle..

But if you insist on keeping the turn indicators, you should know that the front turn signals are also running lights. The rear ones aren't (and are just turn signals).

Here's a link to everything XT225, which will soon be replaced by the XT250...

XT225 Serow Riders in the UK/USA
..and another thing, disconnect the running light setup, as it will drain the battery, since the XT225 has a weak charge system.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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