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Funny that you bring up the SuperHawk. it's probably one of the most underrated bikes on the market. It probably would have done better in sales if the magazines hadn't panned it when they took it to the track to test out its limits. It was always meant to be a street bike, but all of the magazines use "track conditions" to test motorcycles. In the case of the SuperHawk, they found that the suspension was too soft for track conditions...well, duh! The press loves a Ducati, but try to ride one for more than a couple of hours. The end result is that Honda will discontinue the SuperHawk within the next couple of years (notice how it hasn't been improved upon since its introduction?). Ducati, on the other hand, will continue to show sales growth on its "ancient" design as long as it continues to win racews.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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