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This is a "What is the meaning of life?" question.

Motorcycling is a very complex proposition here in the U.S. Where wide open spaces (outside of metro areas of course) combined with cheap gas (relative to the rest of the industrialized world) make motorcycling more of a hobby than a means of justifiable transportation for the majority of Americans. And let us not forget that giant vehicles, a la the Ford Excursion, and old people that are able to obtain a renewed driver's license when they can't even react to their own bowel signals fast enough or see and hear a train 50 feet from them are thrown into the transportation blender here in the U.S. That fact alone makes motorcycle riding a bit more adventurous than many would dare to try. Motorcycling for me means freedom, excitement, and frugality all rolled into one. Where else for about one-fourth to one-half the price of the average new car (assuming you buy new bikes and cars) can you have a vehicle that gives you superior acceleration, handling, gas mileage, and makes you feel like a million bucks when you ride it? I can't speak for all the other motoryclists in the U.S. but I truly feel it doesn't matter what you ride or how much you spent on the bike (the motorcycle is the fastest, most affordable form of transportation you can buy) but what's important is that you just ride. It's like the old "being alive" analogy; it's better than the alternative.
1 - 1 of 70 Posts
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