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Quick Take: MZ 1000SF

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Looks like a sweet bike.

First post :)
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Hmmm.... Z1000 for 8.5k, or an MZ1000 for what, 10k? I hope they do well (the more manufacturers the better), but this prolly isn't the way to do it.
None taken.

It's funny you say that, as I thought the SF looked surprisingling similar to the Z1000. Maybe it's just me. The headlight at least looks really similar.
Aw, c'mon. Check this out.

Now they're not exactly the same, but I think that they're similar enough that the uninitiated might confuse the two of them. The MZ is $1500 and unknown -to me, and my knowledge is definitive- reliability issues better? What if I threw the MZ pipes on that thar Z?
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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