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Quick Take: MZ 1000SF

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Looks like a sweet bike.

First post :)
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since I'm a Duc snob I thought hmm....

fairing doesn't block the wind.

only 115 at the rear wheel.

mufflers too low, they look goofy.

although I'm strangely attracted to the orange paint?

maybe in hopes of an R8 in the near future?

oh well.

another small volume manufacturer trying to get a piece of the American Pie.

at over 10K for a naked, it's gonna be a long hard road.

it's not in my 'wish list' for '06

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to continue..

not to say there aren't 10K+ naked bikes out there (monster for one)

it's just that the UJM consortium has a lock on 8K to 10K rocket ships

maybe if I was Warren Buffet I'd pick one up. :)... just to be different.

I have my eye on a SR4 that's screaming at me every time I walk through the Duc dealer!!!!!!!!

please stop me now. not another money pit!
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1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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