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Quick Take: MZ 1000SF

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Looks like a sweet bike.

First post :)
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Gabe, with your delicate features I don't see how you could punch a man-size hole in the air.
Had one of there Yamaha 660cc single powered streetbikes for awhile, it was actually surprisingly fun, though not a performance bike, was fairly reliable for the 10K miles I put on it. And if it wasn't for the Orange I'd actually consider this too, I enjoy riding bikes that most don't recognize, makes you stand out a bit from the crowds of chrome and too much plastic.
it's a safety thing. :)

I have a Yellow bike. The best thing about it is that can be seen easily. In the sea of black, navy, silver, and seal SUVs, yellow and orange really stand out. Also you can then dress in black or other dark colors. Nothing more comical to me is see a guy on a black Harley with a lime green vest...
Re: I really like orange!

I didn't clarify why I mentioned all those crappy little cars. I mentioned them because they all came in orange and that alone might ruin the color forever in many people's minds.
You know what they say.

Wyoming/Australia where men are men and sheep are scared.
If that's the choice, then MZ1000. Definitely. The Z1000 is one of the ugliest bikes out there.
I just bought a leftover '03 Z1000 (black and red) for about two-grand under MSRP. They obviously aren't selling too well probably because its style is so polarizing and the people that love it have already bought one. As long as MZ doesn't expect the sales volume that Kawasaki enjoys, I think they'll be able to sell some because there will always be people that want something different and want a bike that few others have.
It's not the fastest bike for the money, but it looks wicked good in orange, don't you think?

Yes. Well done, Gabezilla.
Re: I'll Leave Red-Hot Action to the Porn Sites...

Good point on the mufflers, though any bright orange bike (or bright yellow) deserves loud cans.

Perhpas in subsequent videos, you could be shown riding in a straight line down Main Street USA or bucolic fields, just to keep the hearts of your readers racing...
Look down the road, I think my point went zipping by.
None taken.

It's funny you say that, as I thought the SF looked surprisingling similar to the Z1000. Maybe it's just me. The headlight at least looks really similar.
Re: You know what they say.

This tidbit discovered in the Raptors and Rockets thread under Viking news:

"The Swedish Veterinary Institute reports that between 250-300 animals a year are treated for sexual abuse. "

A man gets lonely during those long, cold, winter months
Aw, c'mon. Check this out.

Now they're not exactly the same, but I think that they're similar enough that the uninitiated might confuse the two of them. The MZ is $1500 and unknown -to me, and my knowledge is definitive- reliability issues better? What if I threw the MZ pipes on that thar Z?
I like it. Wish I would have waited before I purchase my new Duc. Now I see they are offering a Sport Tourer as well. Looks like alot of bikes from this one plateform. Hope they do well! Sure do miss San Fran though. Lived there for two years and loved every minute.
Re: I really like orange!

You forgot the GTO Judge...very, very, seriously orange. And it didn't sell.
Well, whaddaya know...

And all this time they've been telling us that the Vikings invaded Scotland because of the climate. Baaaaad Lars, very baaaaad!
Yeah, but by that time, the sheeps probably drunk too.
You're probably right about reliability, dealer support, etc.

I know this topic is about the MZ, but there is something the rubs me really wrong about the Z1000. This bike looks like it was designed by a committee of people who decided, "let's design a funky bike", without having an eye for what looks good. And while being seriously constrained by accountants. Various elements of the bike look "strange" for absolutely no reason, like for example the headlight/fairing unit, the plastic on the sides, the pipes, and so on. It all looks forced, which is my main problem with this bike.

Not only that, but all the pieces put together don't work at all either. There is no unifying idea in this design, no vision. Maybe as a graphic designer myself I'm a little harsh, but this is just a really, really crappy, really cheap-looking design.

Don't even get me started about that new Kawasaki ER-6n - that has even more of that forced funkiness/weirdness that really doesn't work.

So I guess if I were in the market for a naked bike I wouldn't buy either the Z1000 or the MZ1000SF, but forced to choose between those two I would pick the MZ.
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